A few weeks ago I discovered something quite concerning. All of the images on my personal blog were no longer functioning. Every image automatically defaulted to the "Error 404 Page Not Found" argument. I contacted my hosting provider for answers. Alas, none could be discerned. However, an even more startling…

10 Months Ago

The last time I updated my blog in a personal capacity was 10 months ago. This is after I swore to update on a regular basis. Well, I did update... Just not my personal blog. Over the last ten months I have been developing and dedicating resources to Vamers. I…

Cables? You’re Doing It Wrong

Apple have changed the dock connector on the new iPhone 5. It is not that big of a deal. Every electronic device that is sold today comes standard with a cable of some kind to enable charging and/or syncing of the device. I quite like the Lightning connector.
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