What NOT to do while on the LOO!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I have my last exam today and then I am off for just under four months. I don’t know if I am feeling anxious for the exam or if it is because I will be on holiday soon… probably both! This post will be short as I have to recap my studies before this afternoon (I write at 2:30pm).
Well this morning a funny thing happened to me… let us just call it a ‘moment’ which, in my opinion, has provided some valuable life experience. I have therefore decided to share it with all of you, but in a rather unconventional way (and in a less squalid manner). I have created a poem about it entitled: What NOT to do while on the LOO!
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What NOT to do while on the LOO!
Some simple advice,
well not if you have lice,
 for anyone who needs to go to the loo,
 and do a number two.
When you take your seat,
to expend several treats,
by all means get comfortable,
 for you may take a while to become capable.
But one thing you should try never to do,
and believe me this is just so true,
is never begin the "hah, HAH" of "ATCHOO"
and let your nose get the better of you.
For this common little act will force a reaction,
that is so strong you’ll feel as if you’ve lost all traction.
So just remember to try and hold back your "atchoo"
until after you have been to the loo!
(© Hans Haupt 2006)
I hope you all enjoyed that somewhat humorous piece on ‘What NOT to do while on the LOO!’. Anyway Milieu Pals, I must be going… have to cram in the last bit of revision before my exam. I have plenty more to tell, and will be writing again shortly (almost on holiday… ) as we recently had visitors from Switzerland. So stay tuned!

Flaming Ghosts

Hey Milieu Pals,
The following poem is called Flaming Ghosts and was written when I was 11 years old in Standard 3 (Grade 5) under the tuition of a Mrs. Carol Tromp, during my time at Tom Newby Primary School. It is the first poem I had ever written and thus has a lot of sentimental value. The poem is in its original form and has not been edited since its creation.
I can’t remember exactly why I wrote it but I do remember giving a signed copy of the poem to Robyn (a person whom I am still very good friends with) and told her to keep it because it will become very valuable once I’m incredibly famous and wealthy. I still hope to fulfil that ambitious statement! LOL!
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Flaming Ghosts
Flaming ghosts in the light of the moon,
Will send a screech that will soon,
Be joined by the screams of a burning baboon.
The flaming ghosts devour,
Devastate and incinerate anything in their path,
Which will be accompanied by a spine tingling little laugh,
Even though they have such power they spare a little calf.
Fiery embers add a hard harsh feel,
Which would singe and smoulder any living things,
That is soon stopped by the monsoon beings,
Who bring back peace and tranquillity to the Valley of the Kings!

Goodbye is the Hardest Word

Hey Milieu pals,
The previous ‘lengthy’ post that was promised will unfortunately never make it to Hans’ Milieu. Instead of talking about the past I would rather like to focus on the here, now and future.
Overall my incredibly lengthy holiday (4 months) has been absolutely brilliant. I have been visiting and going out with friends and family, celebrating birthdays, playing games and above all… simply chilling! But not every aspect of my holiday has been exciting or enjoyable. Recently three very good university friends of mine left the country to do the Monash Study Abroad program.
Goodbye my friends…
It is always hard to say goodbye to those you know and love, especially those whom you spend a lot of time with (like family, school friends and work collegues). Laura, Mark and Mika are the three that have finally left.
Laura decided to go to a Monash affiliated campus in Singapore whereas Mark and Mika have left for the Monash Headquarters in Australia. Laura left on the 3rd January and I was unfortunately unable to see her off, I was still in Durban at the time, but that may have been a good thing. One or two cousins of mine will also be leaving soon, so you can imagine how hard it will actually be to see them off.
When it comes to goodbyes I become rather emotional because when someone I know and love leaves, it feels as if they are taking a piece of me with them and I am thus left feeling less than whole. I saw Mark and Mika off at the airport yesterday, and even though I know they will all be back within the next 6 months, I know I (and others) will feel somewhat empty without all of our friends at Monash, especially when I go back in two weeks time. To symbolise the event of departure I have written a poem called ‘A Single Drop’.
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A Single Drop

In the beginning there is but one solitary tear,
that escapes from the lines of laughter,
lines which yearn to prevent its travel.

Slowly it begins to glide over a mound of soft cheek,
until finally it reaches the end of a cliff like jaw line.
There it waits, contemplating its fate,
until finally without the support it previously garnered,
it loses contact with the warmth that once gave it life.

Complying with Newton’s laws, the liquescent entity
makes its way to an unavoidable fate.
With memories of laughter, happiness,
love, friendship, secrets and compassion,
each searing away the pain brought on by an irrevocable loss;
the final part of its journey will be reached.

In its final moment, a moment of inscrutable triumph,
all coiled emotions are unleashed
and thus the single tear calls upon its brethren to follow.
It is then that one realises the real loss
that now befits their perpetual existence.


I have some poetry that I have written, even as far back as Standard 3 (Grade 5), and have decided to post some of my ‘work’. Please do not use/distribute any of my ‘work’ without permission. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who visits could comply with that simply request.

With each poem I will offer a short blurb that highlights the emotions, settings and reason for why they were written. For future reference, each post containing a poem will be under the category ‘Literature In Verse’ (aka Poetry). There have also been a few changes to Hans’ Milieu that a few people may not know of…



Overall each MSN space has been updated ever so slightly. For example the photograph album no longer gives a Space visitor a graphical representation of the photograph albums currently present on each Space. The graphical representation of each album is now contained within a Drop Down menu located near the Album Module of the spaces. Basically what I am trying to say is, if you are new to Hans’ Milieu, or have previously visited and would like to review a picture, just note that they are still there. Every picture since Hans’ Milieu’s conception is still present but will need to be accessed via a drop down menu located by the album module. With that said two of the Albums have been updated:

Death By Degree’s – Xbox 360: This album now contains pictures of my actual Xbox 360. I stated in a previous post that I would explain the troubles in obtaining that elusive console, yet in this very post I have said that I would like to only focus on the here, now and future. For fear of contradiction, I will make an exception for the story of my Xbox 360. It will be something you want to read!

Personal Plates – Are you listed?: This album has been update with more photographs of South African drivers’ personal number plates. So, if you are a South African visitor, why not check to see if you are listed?!


Well Milieu Pals, there is obviously more I wish to tell, but that will have to wait until a further post. That way I have enough information for people to continue visiting Hans’ Milieu. Please feel free to share my space with any of your friends. The more, the better!


Until next time…