‘Blast’ from the ‘Past’

Hans Haupt - High school Yearbook Photograph (2003) I know that a lot of people wonder what they will look like in several years from now, but have you ever wondered what you may have looked like if you had grown up in a different time?

Well, the website tentatively known as ‘Yearbook Yourself’, has a rather ingenious solution to his problem.

Using simple, yet effective, facial mapping techniques; ‘Yearbook Yourself’ allows you to take any forward facing photograph’s of your beautiful visage and turn them into time period specific yearbook portraits.

The specific time periods on offer currently range from the century splitting year 1950, all the way to the millennium bug ridden year 2000. You may view my ‘Blast from the Past’, courtesy of Yearbook Yourself, in the following album:

An interesting thing to do, is to compare your original High school photograph (you can see my real one at the top of this post *cringe*) to those of a potential yesteryear. Truth be told, I am incredibly glad to be a child of the ‘00 High school graduating generation. Some of those ‘founding’ styles were simply horrendous (1986, 1988 and 1990; I am looking at you)!

Unsurprisingly, we all have High school graduating photograph’s, including celebrities:

Celebrity Yearbook Pictures

I hope you all have fun with this post and I look forward to seeing your ‘creations’ *rolls eye’s at the multitude of new ‘old’ Facebook profile pictures*.

Until the next time “Milieunairs”!

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Omegle – Talk to strangers… anonymously?!

Since I am now addicted to Twitter, almost as much as Facebook, I am privy to a variety of information from potentially unlimited sources. Consequently, it was through Veronica Belmont that I was introduced to Omegle.

“Omegle is brand-new service for meeting new friends. When you use Omegle, we pick another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like” (Omegle, 2009)

Naturally, being the Internet junkie that I am, I tried out the service the moment I had Internet access. Honestly, it feels like the good old days when instant messaging was just kicking off and people were experimenting with the web and IRC chat rooms. Remember that? Ultimately, Omegle is a very cool utility, but one that will no doubt be used for seedy and lewd internet chats – you all know what I am talking about here, and you know, that when I say I know that everyone has done it at least once, that I speak the truth.

Subsequently, below is one of the more amusing transcripts of my time with Omegle, one I knew would eventually take place, and thus had to share, since we know that the web is often littered with deviant miscreants (present company excluded, of course *smirk*):


Talk to strangers!

1334 users online

Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: heya

You: hi

Stranger: how is it hanging?

You: Where it should 😉

Stranger: im a little to the left

You: Oh alright, a kink is different. You may be regarded as somewhat unique

Stranger: i have been told this a couple times….

Stranger: once by your mother

Stranger: she didnt seem to mind thou

You: I am glad she was able to provide some comfort to your disability

Stranger: she didnt move alot thou why is that?

You: Isn’t it obvious? She could barely feel a thing

You: People do not move when they are not excited.

Stranger: hmm maybee i should have shown my boobs more….  

You: Perhaps that could have worked.

You: Everybody loves a little nipple now and again

Stranger: only a little?

You: Yes, less nipple = more boob  

Stranger: ahh sounds like fun

You: Not as much fun as Poke-her though

Stranger: pingas?

You: Guash man, get it right.

Stranger: so this omegle thing 4chan is havinging its way huh?

You: It does appear that way, does it not? It certainly has had its way with me… I feel degraded…

Stranger: did it touch you in a bad spot?

You: Not as bad as I thought it would be… got used to it after a while.

Stranger: you know we are getting a kick out of it right?

You: I am black and blue all over now… so I would have to agree.

Stranger: so i take it we lost the game……

You: Just by an inch… maybe two


Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Contrary to the above waste of time ‘chat’, I did manage to have a rather interesting conversation with a very charming and well educated girl from Alaska, who is currently in her first year of studying ‘International Studies’. No name or contact details though, which is somewhat frustrating, but a pleasant experience none the less.

So if you have the time and you really have nothing better to do, then why not head over to and have a random time wasting chat with some random stranger. Why not, other than time, what have you got to lose?

Until the next time Milieu Pals!

RTFG – Passing Through Hard Times Bravely and Cheerfully!

Ah yes… Facebook – the all in one social networking utility. Last week I noticed a ‘friend’ off mine get tagged and then proceed to participate in another one of those classic Facebook ‘do’ notes, which are becoming quite popular (remember my Mellowship Slinky in B Minor post?). I had a look at what the ‘note’ was about and thought it was pretty cool. Hence why I have, once again, decided to share it with you all. Essentially the note is all about creating a cover of a music album, including manufacturing an artist. This is done by means of using content from randomly generated pages found on the world wide web. The instruction are as follows:

Make an album cover out of sheer internet randomness! Show your creative side!
To Do This:

1 – Go to Wikipedia. Hit “random… Read More”
or click
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 – Go to Quotations Page and select "random quotations"
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote on the page is the title of your first album.

3 – Go to Flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 – Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5 – Post it to FB [or a blog] with this text in the "caption" or "comment" and TAG the friends you want to join in.

With the use of the aforementioned instructions, I am proud to introduce RTFG (Representation Theory of Finite Groups) and their debut album ‘Passing Through Hard Times Bravely and Cheerfully’!