Hans’ Milieu has new ‘digs’

Hey Millieunairs,

Welcome to the new home of Hans’ Milieu!

For the nascent among you, my name is Hans Haupt. I am a compassionate, friendly, ambitious, witty and warm person who is more than able to hold an astute academically driven conversation, while retaining a self-confessed gutter bound mind.

I am also a social media aficionado with mild philanthropically fuelled dreams of entrepreneurial grandeur. Consequently, I am an active member of a variety of socially driven websites. If you are interested to know more about me, feel free to surf over and peruse the following:

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To my faithful readers, welcome back! This video is especially for you…

Welcome back! Especially for Millieunairs!

Once again, welcome to the new home of Hans’ Milieu! I hope and trust that all who have or will stumble upon this site will continue to share and be an active part of my ever evolving and, at times, adventurous life story!

To the future “Milieunairs”!


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Huh?! Looking for older posts?

Dearest Milleunairs,

If you are looking for any Hans’ Milieu  posts pre-dating the 1st January 2009, please click here.

I have attempted to move as many posts from Hans’ Milieu’s original location to the new site. However it is an incredibly time consuming process as each post needs to be moved over individually.

I do apologies for the inconvenience, but you will learn to get over it!

To the future “Milieunairs”!