Madam Rosmerta’s Butterbeer

I am a great fan of the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. Anyone who knows me or who has followed my Twitter feed or Facebook status updates, can attest to this fact. Perhaps more so than they would like.

Ever since the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, there has always been one aspect of Harry’s universe, an aspect I always considered could be a real possibility, that, more than anything, I wish I could experience. The longing has always been there, at the distant edges of my psyche, buzzing around my stray thoughts like a hard to catch ‘Snitch’. Not magic. Not the Time-Turner. Not even a draft of Felix Felicis. Nothing but the warm and slightly intoxicating taste of Hermione Butterbeer!

Alas, I hear your cries of doubt, but fear not Millieunairs for the fabled drink of drinks does indeed exist.

For the last two weeks, I have taken to scouring the Internet in search of the perfect Butterbeer recipe. Some have certainly come delectably close, but none, that I can tell, appear to have perfected a brew like Madam Rosmerta’s. That is, I dare say, until now!

Through hours of gruelling brewing, I have managed to create, what I believe to be, the drink J.K. Rowling herself envisioned. Two variants, each unique, but both filled with delicious near butterscotch-like, tipsy house-elf inducing, goodness. Just in time too, for what better way is there to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday (31st July) then with a mug of warm tingly Butterbeer?!

Jean Lagesse – 70 Golden Years!

Jean Lagesse, my uncle and my mother’s eldest brother, officially hit the age of 70 today, Tuesday 17th March 2009.

As a result of reaching this milestone, Uncle Jean has been bestowed with the title of ‘Grand Old Toppie’ (‘Toppie’ is the familial term for an elderly person and is unwillingly first bestowed at the age of 50). It is a family thing… just go with it!

Let me tell you, I would love to be like my uncle at his age. Without a doubt, Uncle Jean is one of the strongest, most lively and good looking persons I know. He will most probably out live his sons at this rate, perhaps eve his grand children! I kid you not when I say that this is a man who exercises five times a week, eats incredibly healthily and has run the comrades marathon an unbelievable ten times! My uncle truly is an inspiration to us all!

Although today is my uncle’s birthday, his party was held on Sunday, 15th March 2009, at the secluded French Corner restaurant, in Northcliff, Johannesburg.

As is always the case with family, a fun filled and memorable time was had by all! I know that seems like a generic answer, but it is the truth. Seriously, it is *snicker*! The pictures from Uncle Jean’s 70th can be seen by clicking the spread of the album below.


Until the next time Milieu Pals.