Battle of the Bricks

Lego Any self respecting person has owned and built a Lego creation of some kind. Goodness knows that I own my fair share of Lego products, probably more than I would care to admit. Even now, at the tender age of 24, I still find myself browsing through the isles of Lego products available at any and all Toys R Us stores. In all honesty, and I am sure you will agree, Lego has no age limit.

This entry is focussed on stop-motion Lego filmography. A hobby which no doubt exists for people who really have nothing better to do with their time. Regardless, it really is very cool, especially when done properly.

Alex Kobbs is one of these stop-motion Lego fanatics. He has spent the last six years creating a Halo themed 25-minute short, based on Halo’s Zanzibar map, completely out of Lego. How awesomely insane is that?!

The short film is called The Battle of the Brick and features ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ battling it out *Halo fan high five*. The completed video is expected to hit the Web in early 2010, but for now you can have a look at the tantalising trailer:

If  Lego stop-motion filmography is your thing, you can follow the progress of Kobbs’ work at the Kooberz Studio Blog.

That’s not all folks. I have one more fantastic piece of Lego filmography to share with you.

Every gamer and geek who has watched The Matrix will agree that it is one of the best science fiction and action movies of all time. However, you have not seen anything until you see The Matrix lovingly created in Lego stop-motion!

In honour of the 10th anniversary of The Matrix, a group of fans recreated nearly 900 frames of the film. The entire sequence is animated without any additional effects. What this means, is that the short was filmed ‘in camera’ without the aid of wire removal, Photoshop or any additional special effects; other than what can be created with the Lego blocks themselves. Very impressive stuff! The entire project is said to have taken around 440 hours to complete. For more information and additional videos detailing the projects immensity, check out www.LegoMatrix.com.

Lego Matrix – ‘Trinity, Help’!

How cool would a Lego Matrix game be?! *Waits patiently for Travellers Tales to scoop the rights to create the game*

Until the next ‘blocky’ post “Milieunairs”!


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District 9 – South African Premiere and Review

“Why did van der Merwe keep a pair of scissors in his racing car?
So he could cut the corners!”

For the last several months, ever since first viewing the initial teaser trailer, there has only been one movie to have successfully garnered my obsessive anxiety.

Not Slumdog Millionaire. Not Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Not even the infallible Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. No, this exclusive obsession could not be for any ordinary movie or typical Hollywood cash cow.

Instead, my focus has continuously been drawn to a movie which is set, surprisingly, in the very city within which I live.

District 9 – Official Teaser Trailer

That movie has been none other than this years science fiction sleeper hit, District 9.

Weekend Gestalt (or Ga-ga for the Crowned HA-HA’s while gaining Live experience)

As you read this… I have a mask on my face. It feels good. I can feel my skin tingle as I write this post. A few moments ago my mom ambushed me, like a Ninja in the night, and literally tackled my face by smearing the mask all over it. I protested vehemently, but to no avail. In honesty, it feels good to treat my skin. I cannot recall when last I pampered my face with a good beauty treatment.

While we are on the subject of beauty, I had my very first manicure last Friday. I have been meaning to have one for ages now, especially since my cuticles were in such disrepair. After all, a well kept hand goes a long way to projecting a good first impression.

Truthfully, I had no idea what to expect for the manicure. Thankfully, the lady who helped me, was kind enough to guide me through the process as well as patiently answer the numerous questions I kept throwing in her direction (What is this? What does that do? Why are you doing it like that? etc.)!  It was an interesting experience and one I will definitely do again.

For the rest of Friday afternoon, I went out with Wichard and searched for party supplies for Anton’s ‘Crown’ birthday party. I also picked up Halo Wars and Call of Duty: World at War for the Xbox 360 and Dawn of War II for PC. Yes… I love my gaming! In terms of gaming, I love it even more so, now that both David and Warren have activated their Xbox Live Gold accounts.

For the longest time, I have been trying to get my friends and family to invest in Xbox 360’s, ADSL and Xbox Live (I have had a Live Gold account since January 2006). After all, even my honours research was based on the positive social aspects of online video gaming in virtual environments. Unfortunately, most of my friends and family are either not interested enough or can simply not muster enough finances to join a video gaming community.

Thankfully David and Warren have come to the rescue and have, so far, been an active part in satiating my previously disadvantaged online game playing endeavours. Since Sunday, the three of us have been playing Call of Duty: World at War online, almost every evening. I have been having an immense amount of fun with my friends online! Xbox Live Rules!

Friday night, in itself, turned out to be rather interesting. Simply put, the second debauches episode of the HA-HA Chair was created! You may remember this ‘series’ from the very first episode which was posted over two years ago, right here, on . The second episode still needs some polish (more like a heck of a lot) but once it is completed I will post it on first, so stay tuned!

Saturday evening I attended Anton’s crown birthday or, as it was rightfully known as, His Highnesses Crown Birthday. Before Anton’s birthday, I was unaware of what a crown birthday was. If you do not know, it is when the numbers which signify your age and day of birth are identical. For example, my birthday is on the 5th June, so my crown birthday occurred when I was 5 years old. Consequently, Anton turned 28 years old on the 28th February.

The theme for the evening was, as you may have guessed, ‘Crowns’. Subsequently, each party goer needed to wear a crown and dress appropriately. As you can see I totally rocked in my ‘Narnian-esque’ Prince Caspian get up! The party was a blast with the best part being that I got to meet and befriend several new very cool people – all of whom are now socially networked with me via Facebook. Anton always has fabulous fancy dress parties and his 28th was no exception.

That pretty much sums up the past weekend, in brief.

Before I end this post though, I would like to mention that earlier this evening, when I went to feed my famished loving canines, I came across a beautiful ladybird that was curiously exploring Lulabelle’s bowl. According to Wikipedia, the ladybirds are from the family of beetles known as Coccinellidae and are generally considered useful insects. This is “because many species of Coccinellidae feed on aphids or scale insects, which are pests in gardens, agricultural fields, orchards, and similar places” (Coccinellidae, Wikipedia, 2009). I just thought it was pretty cool, especially since one does not see a true ladybird very often.


  By Maria Fleming

  Ladybugs all dressed in red
  Strolling through the flowerbed.
  If I were tiny just like you
  I’d creep among the flowers too



The upcoming weekend seems like it will be quite eventful too. Not only will The Red Carpet be having its first screening, but it is also the first weekend that Felicia, Diona and Renaldo will be visiting and staying over at our house. Felicia, Diona and Renaldo are my three cousins who were so unfortunately robbed of their beautiful and beloved parents. As a result, the house will be brimming with Haupt ‘familia’! I cannot wait! Right… Now to wash off the mask which has crusted on my face! Heh heh!