Be a part of the U2 360° Tour in South Africa

U2 360° Live - BonoFor those who still do not know, U2, one of the world’s biggest rock bands, will be hitting South African shores in a little under 360 hours from today.

To be precise, U2 will be performing to a sold out crown of sweaty palmed South Africans in exactly 300 hours from the time of this post (yes, I worked it out).

The best part? You could win a set of double tickets to either the Johannesburg or Cape Town shows as well as other incredible prizes.

Music Monday: ‘Fuck You’

Hey Milieunairs,

It is Music Monday and thus time for another Vivaciously Varietal Vibe!

Rationale: Of all the phrases to be blogging about, can you believe that the one song I choose from Lily Allen’s new album would contain the acronym for “Fornicating Under Consent of the King”? Those who personally know me can attest to the fact that I simply do not use the ‘eff’ word (even now while thinking the word I say ‘eff’). In fact, I barely swear – with the exception of the words ‘bitch’ and ‘shit’, which I use sparingly. Personally, I am not a great fan of colloquialism and believe that obscenely vulgar language, used in excess and no matter how deliciously descriptive, is just a new means of raping the English tongue. However, in this very rare case, I have made an exception. Lily Allen’s song “Fuck You” is brilliant! It has such a catchy tune and is a song specifically written for those who belong to minority groups (none of which I am a part of, being a straight white male and all) and who embrace a liberal stance to life. Consequently, I came across this video, called ‘The Big Fat Gay Collab’ (the video’s image placeholder is so sexually suggestive… I am not sure if I will be able to eat ice-cream the same way again…), while searching for Lily’s ‘eff you’ song on YouTube. Lily Allen’s new album is a pop fiesta filled with witty lyrics and tactlessness. If you like Lily’s music, you will love this album!


Lily Allen – ‘Fuck You’ (Big Fat Gay Collaborate)


As always, whenever I post about Vivaciously Varietal Vibes on Music Monday’s, simply click on the name of the song to be taken to a web page that displays the songs lyrics.

Until the next time “Milieunairs”!


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HA-HA Chair – Episode 2: Royal High’s (Two Years later… still GA GA!)

Well, for all you fans who have been begging for the return of the mystical and improvised HA-HA Chair, and yes there have actually been people who have honestly been asking for more, the wait is finally over! A new and debauches sequel has officially been created.

After more than two years in the making, give or take a month, since the creation and airing of the “pilot” episode of the HA-HA Chair, is finally pleased to present:

HA-HA Chair – Episode 2: Royal High’s

This episode stars yours truly, Hans Haupt, my dear seductively and awesomely inappropriate friend, Lezanne Wolmarans and, last but not least, my wickedly strange and funny cousin, Wichard Fella.

A blurb of the episode can be found below the embedded video. Press play and go GA-GA for the HA-HA!


HA-HA Chair – Episode 2: Royal High’s



This is the long awaited (over two years) second episode, of the ‘HA-HA Chair’ impromptu series, entitled: Royal High’s.

HA-HA Chair focuses on two individuals and the experiences brought on by the mystical red ‘HA-HA Chair’. As the series expands, additional characters and story arcs will develop.

BE WARNED: You will not get the 10 minutes of your life back from watching this video! HA-HA!

Please note: an age restriction of 16 is present due to sadism, sexual innuendos, dark humour, mild language & (if you’re lucky) partial nudity.

Until the next time Milieu Pals!