Hans Haupt - Vamers Business Card - B&WI was born and bred in the little town of Benoni, which is located in the east of greater Johannesburg South Africa. If the name sounds familiar it is because it is the same place that the gorgeous Oscar Winning actress Charlize Theron originates from.

I currently hold three degrees: BA with a double major in Communications and Marketing; BA Honours in Communications (cum laude); M.Phil in Communications (summa cum laude).

For as long as I can recall I have always harboured a passion for the latest and greatest that the technological world has to offer. As a result I have been an avid video gamer from before I could read, an Internet surfing fiend since puberty, a sporadic blogger beginning in 2005 and a fan and frequent user of social network services since 2007.

I have had the privilege of writing guest articles for technology and gaming based publications, such as BandwidthBlog, and I am always open to experiencing new business and entertainment endeavours.

HansHaupt.com (formerly Hans’ Milieu) was created as a digital medium through which I can sound my voice through the written word. As such, this website serves as a place where I can share my own hopes, opinions, experiences and desires.

I hope you enjoy the content you find here. If you do, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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