Celebrating Past Youth!

As most of you know, or have seen, I had my 20th Birthday Bash on Saturday 4th June 2005.
To start off with, we had a fondue at the Haupt Manor (thats my house ) for only friends and family of roughly my age, that started at 14:00 (2pm) until 19:00 (7pm). The fondue was awesome, we had two chololate pots, two cooking pots and one cheese pot. Everyone was able to eat their full with plenty left overs. Needless to say, the fillet, various sauces, chocolate pots and cut strawberries were a hit at the tables with only the cheese being left on its own  especially after it burnt.

After the late lunch, we all decided to play Eye-Toy and Singstar on the Playstation 2… I now understand the meaning of a ‘Party Game’. We all had such a blast with many people losing their inhibitions and acting all out. It was great fun .

At about 19:30 (7:30pm), a half an hour later than we were supposed to, we left to go to ‘Coral Blue’ pub and restaurant. Here the rest of the family and family friends joined us for the main celebration. We had a brilliant time with dancing, eating, drinking and just being merry all round! At about 01:30 (1:30am), some of my friends (those who decided to sleep over, including chicks ) and I decided to leave and carry on the party at home. Quite a bit of my family remained behind to enjoy what was left of the festivities. Such an awesome bunch of individuals!

Overall my party was a roaring success, with many people anticipating my 21st Birthday which is still a year away !

Thank you to all those people who were able to attend! Your support was uncanny! And for those who couldn’t, thank you for your thoughts and concerted efforts .

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