Perceiving Reality

Since Hans’ Milieu is a private space, I’ve decided to create a new public space. I may eventually change Hans’ Milieu to a public space, but for now, it is still very personal.

My new space is titled: "Perceiving Reality: An Interpretation of the Youthful Self". I am not sure what will be placed on it, but it will probably be focussed on the way I see life, the lovely female form and my interpretation of what the elusive self of the youth is !

Then again, I may just do away with that site and use this one… since I like it so much! But only time will tell! Obviously, always check this site for on goings in my life etc. and the other site for a good laugh !

The link to Perceiving Reality is located under Milieu Pals!

Its my cousin Dillon’s (Dildo) birthday on saturday and he’s decided to go paintballing! I can’t wait… then again… I believe in self preservation, but it’ll make a brilliant story should I survive !

I can’t report on much else at the moment, because I’m writing two exams next week (Marketing Consumer Behaviour and Markeing Research Methods ) within a space of two days, and have been trying to study really hard… but I’m quite a procrastinator!

Wish me luck!

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