Long time no 'post'!

Hey everyone,
I know, its been far too long. the last time a posted was in june… thats practically two months ago. I must apologise for not adding any new entries and I know excuses won’t do… but I must try   !
My main excuse is that I have just been very busy with University. Monash is rather strange that way. For quite some time, I have not had much to do other than SRC (student representative council) work, and them ‘BAM’! Within a two week period I have five assignments to do! Its ridiculous! So for the past two weeks… I have been hectically stressed and I still am as I have a further two assignments for this coming week. I have more, which are also soon, but I will worry about them once these are done.
Anyway, I promise to update my blog more often, for whoever reads it. Before I go, I just want to mention the XBOX 360. As most of you know, I’m a hectic gamer, I love games especially console gaming. Well, Microsoft has finally released the official pricing for the XBOX 360, the successor to the XBOX, which will be launched in three different countries at the end of this year. The Playstation 3 may only see light of day in 2007 however SONY have said spring 2006. The Nintendo Revolution is apparently still on schedule for a 2006 launch as well, probably around spring.
I have posted the official Microsoft Announcement, which was made on the 17th August, just before this post for those who are interested .
Anyway, I promise to add more entries to Hans’ Milieu more frequently!

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