Assignments Galore!

Assignments, assignments, assignments… they never seem to end!
I am currently writing a psychology paper, "Organisational Psychology: Analysing a Career Developmental Report", that is due for tomorrow (25th August 2005). It’s going well, could be better, but after five consecutive research assignments…  I just can’t wait to get it all over and done with!
Over the past week and a half I have handed in the following research assignments/reports:
  • Managing Communications in Multicultural Organisations: How communication climate and organisational culture differ within a working environment
  • Integrated marketing Communications: Developing a Marketing Communications plan for an industry within the service category
  • Business Marketing: Understanding and applying the concept of a buying centre, from varying organisations and purchasing situations, to determine the most influential members of a buying centre

and I presented the following:

  • Organisational Communication: The factors of the environment, structure and communication that predispose an organisation to success or failure

Needless to say, I’m rather pooped and just want a bit of a break.

Other than that, I have the SRC breathing down my neck to create ANOTHER poster for the Spring Ball (I’m the media liaison officer/graphic designer on the SRC), which is next week saturday (3rd September), because they decided to change the theme yet again… it used to be "Senserity and Peace’ but now it is a ‘Sunset’ theme.

Personally, I think my suggestion of a Masquerade Ball would have been much better, but I will have more information about my SRC problems (and there are many) a little later on… when i have some more free time.

Anyway, I hope you are all well, and remember to e-mail me whenever you can!

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