Free for all to see!

After a lot of thought and consideration… I have decided to make Hans’ Milieu available to all!
Do you know what this means… this means that anyone, and I mean everyone, who has the following website address: will have access to what i write about in Hans’ Milieu .
The aspect of blogging, essentially posting ones life onto the internet for all to see, is a fairly new concept that I am rather weary about. Especially since I will have pictures of family and friends on this site  .
But many people seem to do it, so I thought I’d make Hans’ Milieu available to the public for a while and observe what happens. Should it not work out, for whatever reason, I will obviously restrict Hans’ Milieu to my Messenger contact list. Now at least all members of my family and friends, wherever you may be, will have access to Hans’ Milieu  !
I hope that whoever stumbles upon this site, appreciates it… because life is somewhat of a parody that should be laughed at and enjoyed !

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