XBOX 360… the eternal wait!

As most of you know, I am desperately awaiting the XBOX 360, the successor to the XBOX. I simply can’t wait for this console. I have spent most of my time on e-bay trying to buy a limited edition XBOX 360 face plate… yeah I know… how sad is that !
I have also spent quite a bit of time reserching information about the new teaser/ARG website for the XBOX 360: … just like I did with "Ourcolony"… !
Well, to help ease the arduous wait, I have decided to post pictures of the awesome console and its accessories on Hans’ Milieu, under the photo session labelled: Death by Degrees (death… because I’m obsessing over it   and degrees because of 360 which is a full revolution)!
If only I could control time and fast forward to November 25th 2005…

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