I can almost taste it!

As most of you know, I’m really looking forward to this weekend for the following reasons:
Sony PSP Launch
YAY! The time has finally come… I can almost taste it… wait… I mean feel it… you understand what I mean! This evening (02/09/05) at about 21:00 (GMT+2) a couple of friends and family are coming with me to a PSP Launch party, parties which are being held at several Look & Listen stores (stores that sell music, games and DVD’s). It is going to be awesome, as you are allowed to play on PSP consoles, while partying and attempting to obtain free gifts. Then at midnight we are able to purchase the console with games and accessories. I will attempt to take the digital camera with me and post pictures of the event. I can’t wait!

Spring Ball
My University, Monash South Africa,  is holding a Spring Ball which is this Saturday (03/09/05) at 19:00 (GMT+2). You may have heard that I was having some problems within the SRC… well they have all been sorted, even more so, and everything is the way it should be now. I will take the digital camera with me to the ball and I will obviously post pictures of the event for ‘all to see’! My date… yeah okay lets discuss that.
I originally asked Naahdira to come with me, a beautiful girl I have known for practically my entire life, as they used to be our neighbours and are practically like family. Unfortunately she has become ill and will not be accompanying me to the Spring Ball. As you can imagine, I was in somewhat of a bind, to try and find a new date two days before the event. Well, it wasn’t that tough !
I decided to ask my uni friend Mika, who actually wasn’t going to come because she couldn’t find a date, so it worked out pretty well. For those who have browsed through my 20th Brithday Bash pictures, you’ll know exactly who Mika and Naahdira are  ! I’ll keep you all posted about whether the Spring Ball was a ‘Yay’ or a ‘Nay’!

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