PSP… my Precious!

I finally have a PSP… the unit is just too cool! It is currently charging, but once done I’m going to be on it the whole time!
As most of you know, I was supposed to go to a launch party for the PSP last night. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out because of two reason: first no one really wanted to come with me and secondly, or more importantly, Pick’n Pay (a local chain of super markets) was having a special introductory offer of R1999 ($320 US) on the day of the launch compared to the suggested retail price of R2699 ($430 US). The only catch, is that each store only had 25 units and it was on a first come first serve basis! It was also mentioned that the store would open at 7am. Needless to say… I prepared myself for an arduous morning… and what a morning it was!
The wait
This morning I got up at 5:45am (thats really early for me) after trying to go to bed at 10:30pm. I didn’t really sleep well last night, probably due to the anxiety of getting my own PSP  ! Anyway, I got up, bathed, brushed my teeth, the usual morning routine. I was finally done and ready to leave by 6:15am. My dutiful friend, Lezanne, decided that she would accompany me this morning, rather than let me go alone. We sullenly made our way to my car, with the rest of the house fast asleep, after all it was a Saturday  ! With the sky slowly turning from the black of night to the soft water based colours of dawn, we made our way to the closest and biggest, Pick’n Pay around.
Due to it being rather early and the general lack of support of consoles within the history of South Africa, we were’nt really expecting a lot of people to show. When we arrived, to our surprise, there were at least 15 people milling around the entrance, of which several of them were apparently waiting since 3:30am… poor fools  !
Now Pick’n Pay only had 25 consoles and since it was on a first come first serve basis, tension began to rise between the group of people (including me and Lez) who had arrived early compared to those who arrived 5 minutes before the doors opened. During the waiting time, a lot of interesting information was spilled from various individuals. Various game plans and strategies of obtaining more than one PSP while getting to the units before everyone else, were formed as well as strategic alliances between perfect strangers. It was cool… yet strangely disconcerting especially when you hear of methods such as "Yeah, let’s trip that person" or "I’ll block the way with fallen merchandise"  !
The RUN!
The clock slowly counted down to 7 am, everyone was starting to get really edgy! We all looked through the glass doors with utter contempt for the employees, who seemed to torment us with actual PSP’s and large white grins. Then, out of nowhere, several employee’s made there way to the different entrances. It was almost time… so close we could taste it  !
"BAM" the doors were thrust open as the soon-to-be PSP owners cramed their way through the double spaced doors. It was absolute chaos! People were screaming, crying and with out a doubt, RUNNING!
I made my way as fast as I could, with Lez slightly a head of me since she was at another entrance, by passing individuals but trying my hardest to not injure anyone. After all, who wants to be mowed down by a 6 foot 4 inch individual who weighs approximately 100kg  ???
Everything went by so quickly! One moment I was in the clothing section then all of a sudden I was in frozen foods. Everyone was running! On my left, someone miss judged a piece of advertising and careered into several mannequins, to my right someone was winded by running into clothing racks… but a head of me… that was by far the worst!
Lezanne was up a head, making her way to get me a PSP. She was so close and then… "SMACK"… she was violently pushed to the side, lost her footing and went straight into the tile floor… first knee, then hip and finally… face! I was tempted to stop and help… but didn’t! After all I couldn’t let her fall in vain! So I increaed my speed, jumped straight over her and made my way into the store. The PSP display was in sight… I headed directly for it with others at my tail! Hand outstretched, I ran as fast as i could… ‘YES" I yelled as I lay my hands on a single unit! I had one very my own PSP… just too awesome!
Once I had recomposed myself, I remembered what had happened to Lez and made my way to look for her. She was already on her way into the electronics section. I apologised for leaving her there but she simply said: "Don’t be ridiculous. Its not your fault, besides, if you stopped then I would have been angry because then you wouldn’t have gotten a PSP and I’m not interested in having fallen for nothing!"  Now thats a good friend! Needless to say, she walked right up to the guy who pushed her and gave him good piece of her mind.
I then proceeded to find some games of which I chose Wipeout Pure and Ridge Racer. Unfortunately they only had a choice of five games, of which I only liked the previously mentioned two. I looked for a larger memory stick, but they only had 128 MB available, and I would like a 1024 MB (1 GB) memory stick.
All in all, it was a rather adventurous morning, something I have never experienced before and would love to do again… just as long as it is within a controlled environment  !
I have posted pictures of my PSP with the games etc, under the photo session labelled: PSP – Running for the Money. Unfortunately I only had my cellphone, so the pictures are not that great but still cool to look at!
Tonight is the Spring Ball, which might be fun, but I’m not really looking forward to it because I’m rather tired from my PSP Adventure and all I wanna do is play on it ! Anyway, I will keep you all posted!

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