Spring a Licious!

The Spring Ball was a total blast!
Contrary to what I thought it was going to be like, the Spring Ball was a surprising success.
The venue for the event was Mellow Oaks. It is a beautiful place that is often used for weddings and thus has its own little chapel… which has a really low ceiling that my head basically touched the whole time ! The theme for this years Spring Ball was a "Sunset"… yeah it’s different but it worked suprisingly well. Almost everyone embraced the theme and was thus adorned in some kind of red, or variation there of.
The Date
My date for the event was Marika Steenkamp or Mika/Miks/Mik for short. Since the event started at 19:00, I needed to make sure I left early to be there on time… for a change! I left home at 17:45 and picked Marika up at 18:30, after taking a wrong turn even with GPS (Global Positioning Satellite)  support… yes… how sad is that  ! Regardless, I eventually made it to her house in one piece, unlike last year when I had my first accident.
Since this was a spring ball, I decided to indicate the occasion by purchasing corsage’s for Miks and myself… needless to say, she was thrilled with hers  ! Miks was dressed in a beautiful maroon winy red (or something to that effect) dress with a white bodice that was covered in similarly coloured roses… very nice indeed  ! After the handing over of the corsage and general greetings, we made our way to the actual Spring Ball.
The Ball
After dodging a few ‘taxis’ and pedestrians, we eventually arrived at the ball’s venue. As previously mentioned, the ball was held at the Mellow Oaks wedding venue. The decorators had done an amazing job for the event, with the ‘Sunset’ theme being carried through suprisingly well in the table decorations. Each table was ‘dressed’ in white and light orange with the centre piece consisting  of several sunflowers suspended in water within a glass tube, on a mirror with glass pebbles… it really looked great and was well laid out and designed.
Miks and myself slowly made our way to the table of our choosing, since we were ‘early’, and thus made ourselves comfortable. After a couple of minutes, Mpho (looking hot in a JLO mock-up) and her date Robert made their appearance followed closely by Laura (looking stunning in her Miss USA get-up) and her date (boyfriend) Troy. Once we had been seated, we waited for everyone else to arrive, all in style of course!
The evening seemed to progress very quickly because we were having so much fun. After the initial introductions by the head of the SRC, Ken Murunga, we all headed out to get our ‘professional’ photographs taken. After our shots, it seemed as though we had been bitten by the ‘Photo-graph-er’ bug because we got carried away with my dads digital camera within the gardens of Mellow Oaks… you’ll be able to see it all in the photo album labelled: Spring is in the Air!
After our hectic photo session, we eventually made our way back to the main hall to eat, or better yet, stuff ourselves sick  ! Once that was done, it was time to P-A-R-T-Y! The lights dimmed, music rose and lazers started to pulsated… the party had begun!
We all danced the night away, only realising that it was time to go once the lights had come back on and the music stopped!
The End
Overall the ball was a lot of fun. I’m sorry I can’t elaborate more on the subject… its just that it was essentially perfect  . You can see most of my Uni friends,  well those who could be there or didn’t avoid the camera like the plague, in the photos. I really enjoyed myself and I have it on good authority that my date enjoyed herself as well !
(P.S.: Everyone looks so good in the pictures… I dunno what happened to me! LOL! )

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