A new life!

On Saturday 10th September 2005 at 22:00, a new life was brought into the world  !
Jayden Christian Fella
Cherise finally gave birth to a beautiful, strong and healthy baby boy  .
After a few complications which started on Wednesday (07/09/05) and several visits to the hospital from that time, she was finally administered into hospital on Saturday afternoon and was then induced then dissuaded and then re-induced… after several long hours of, according to Cherise  , "contractions that make time seem like it’s standing still and make period pains seem like a walk in the park", the doctor finally ordered the administering of an epidural and an emergency caesarean!
After a few minutes, once Cherise had been sliced open  and the doctor had finally found Jayden, her beautiful baby boy was removed from her womb. Apparently it felt like an enormous pressure suddenly dissolving, similar to a plug being removed, as Jayden was excavated from his warm cosy home of nine months.
Fortunately the doctor cut the one and only umbilical cord and left his manhood in one piece. Thank heavens for that  !
Jayden is my first third cousin! Let me explain: Linda, Cherise’s mom, is my first cousin with her father being my uncle which is my dads brother. Cherise is thus my second cousin and hency why Jayden is my third cousin. Jayden is also Linda’s first grandchild… which makes her a ‘grandmere’, ‘ouma’ or simply a ‘grandmother’! My mom therefore becomes a great, great aunt! It is all very cool!
Jayden was born with the following (perfect  ) characteristics:
  • 10 fingers and toes
  • 1 head
  • 2 arms and legs
  • a mop of black hair
  • 53 cm in length
  • 3.4 kg in weight

He is a perfect little boy with a cute button nose and moon shaped face.


My mom told me that when I was born I was 49 cm in length and weighed 3.4 kg… but the thing is, I was a month premature. Could you imagine how big I would have been if I decided to come out at full term  ? Thankfully, I decided to not put my mom through that kind of pain, so I decided to come out earlier than expected… you know me… considerately iimpatient as always  !


I have created an Album for Jayden, but the pictures are currently from my cell phone. When I get the chance to take more photographs, I will upload and update his album with new higher resolution/quality photographs from our digital camera!

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