"Karate Chop"!

Hey Everyone!
It has been a while since I last posted. Since Jayden’s birth quite a few things have happened.
Jayden came down with ‘Yellow Jaundice’ but is all well and fine now. Cherise, unfortunately, has been exhibiting symptoms of post natal depression. To cure this, my cousin Freddy and I, decided to take her out, something the three of us used to do regularly (aka The 3 Stooges). We had such a blast and I was glad to see that she was starting to be herself again. I have decided to take her out more often when I can, just to make sure she is alright and kept in check.
Last week Friday (16/09/05) was a really good day for me. I finally received my DVD sets (Smallville Season 4 and One Tree Hill Seasons 1 & 2) that I had ordered from Amazon.com (a brilliant site, I’d recommended it to anyone). On top of that… something I have been waiting for, which cost an arm and a leg, also arrived.
From the sunny state of Kansas, thanks to e-bay, I finally received my XBOX 360 E3 2005 Limited Edition Faceplate number 4008/5000 (you can see a picture of it below). It has already been classified as a hard to get collectible, so I reckon it was a very worthwhile investment. It cost me a total of $183 (US) which equates to approximately R1170. I’m thrilled about it, all I need now is my XBOX 360, which I have already pre-ordered through have2have.co.za (US/NTSC version).

On an educational note:
The SRC problems I was having seem to have been sorted out, not entirely, but better than they were before.
In other news, Mika and I had to do our presentations for Marketing (2430) and Psychology (2112).
The Marketing presentation went very well, better than expected, as the lecturer is quite a ‘tight ass’  !
For the psychology lecture we had to run a training session whereby we were required to teach the class a particular skill within a certain period of time that adhered to particular set objectives.
Since Mika and I are known procrastinators , we waited until the week before our presentation was due to actually decide on a topic. Eventually we went with teaching self defence through the Tenshinkan style of Karate. It was a brilliant option as my father is a Tenshinkan Master and we were thus exposed to the style in its entirety.
Mika and I totally dressed up for the part of Tenshinkan Sensei’s who come from the ‘Hannika’ Martial Arts Studio. Needless to say, we had great fun doing our training session, performing the moves, handing out prizes (DVD’s, belts, ‘nin-chucks’) and providing a bit of Sushi  .
You can see the pictures we used in the presentation within the photograph album labelled: A Kung Fu Story.
Our mid-semester break is coming up again, I can’t wait! One whole week of nothing… well not quite as we have two assignments due for the Wednesday we return and another for the week after that… yeah, tell me about it  ! LOL!
Well, I will hopefully write again soon, but probably only after I have attended RAGE (Really Awesome Gaming Event) next week Saturday (01/10/05).
Keep checking back for more details!

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