Grace Di Pastena – 28/02/1979 – 04/10/2005

Hey Milieu Pals,
I know I said I would write a hectically detailed entry about what has happened within the last two to three weeks, but there is no real reason to live in the past. I will just try to update my blog more frequently as life events happen. However, there was one major event that took place and I believe that it is worth mentioning. 
Goodbye Grace Di Pastena!
On Tuesday the 4th October 2005, a close family friend’s daughter passed away in a tragic car accident. Grace Fedora Di Pastena lived for 26 years before her passing. During that time of the accident, her mom was away visiting family in Italy (she came back immediately) while her father and sister were the first to hear the painful news.
The first person to know what had happened was Grace’s fiance, Paulo, who actually witnessed the accident. A terrible site indeed. Even worse than that, was the fact that they had fought with one another only minutes before the incident. Needless to say, he is shattered. There is a good lesson to be learnt here.
No matter who they are, especially if they are a loved one, never and I mean NEVER leave that person on bad terms. Also try to make peace because you never know when anything may happen, life is short and it’s not worth being angry or unhappy with those you love or know. Heed these words!
Her funeral service was held at the Full Gospel Church, in Airfield Benoni, on Tuesday 11th October 2005. The service was very good despite the conditions to why it was being held. The strange part was that it wasn’t a very sad funeral. It was almost as if there was some kind of ‘anointing’ because most people were there to celebrate her life, not to grieve over her death (the way funerals should be). That doesn’t mean no one shed a tear because I did, like a school girl, especially when Grace’s sister and best friend presented their eulogies.
Grace was only 26 when she died. Some say she was robbed of a life others say she lived more of a life than people twice her age. Honestly, she was happy, successful and charming. With this in mind, I believe that she did in fact live a life many wished they could. Did she pass too soon, perhaps but we don’t know what is in God’s plan and must accept the inevitable… we are all going to die, when is just another ‘predetermined’ factor.
Grace was a beautiful and talented individual who lived a blessed life for her time. When she was 13, Grace wrote a poem about rainbows, entitled God’s Rainbow. She wrote it for her mom and told her to listen to the words carefully and to take heed of them. The poem is beautiful; perhaps we should all take heed of what is written. It is as follows:
God’s Rainbow
(Rainbows appear after mighty storms)
Rainbows appear after mighty storms,
When things look their very worst,
Just when the skies are darkest grey,
Look for the rainbow first.
The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise,
That he will guide us through any storm,
That he will see us through our troubles,
No matter what their form.
When you feel batterred by life’s storms,
And you are filled with doubt and dismay,
Just remember God’s rainbow is coming,
It’s only a prayer away!

2 thoughts on “Grace Di Pastena – 28/02/1979 – 04/10/2005

  • Hans, Please can you contact me regarding Grace. I heard a rumour that she was killed and could never find info. about the accident online. I live in the States and lost contact with her after high school. Please can you email me and possible send me an adress for her parents and Rachel. I am so sad…we went to Benoni High together and drifted apart over a stupid guy… I returned to S.A. for my wedding last year and heard rumours but could not find anything…I have been searching for info for months and finally found your blog. My name was Natasha Padiachee – the family may remember me as the Indian friend. Thank you for the blog. Grace was so good to me and her zest for life was amazing. God takes the extra special people early… Thank you. Natasha Smet.

  • I lie in England.I have just found out the news. I knew Grace when she was a young girl , she was 9. I remember with her glasses and long blond hair in plats. I was friends with her mom MariaRosa and her Dad, Fernando. I used to go to church with her Mom.
    My wife Adrienne and I used to have dinner around at their house often.

    I am so very sad to read this news.

    Thank you for keeping this post live.

    Steve Davies

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