A Perception Change

Hey Milieu Pals,
Have you ever had one of those days, in which everything just seems almost perfect? I did, yesterday!
I got up, did the usual triple S ([email protected]#t, Shave and Shower  ) routine and then made my way to Monash. Yes, I had to go again in order to sort out my enrolment for next year. Everything went well but next year seems like its really going to be very hard  !
After Monash, while on my way home, I realised just how perfect the day was. It was very hot (33 degrees Celsius), the sky was pearlescent blue with specks of cotton wool shaped clouds draped across the horizon. To alleviate most of the heat a very soft, pleasant, cool breeze would; every so often, whisper sweet nothings in ones ear. It really was an amazing day!
Once home, my mom and I made a decision to go to a movie (a little bit more about that later and do you hear the bells of procrastination… yeah… there somewhere there in the distance  ) but we first decided to pass by my dads gym to check on its progress. I’m not sure if I’ve said anything about it, I doubt I have, so I’ll spill the beans now.
Health World
About seven years ago, my father owned a gym called Health World: Be healthy feel Healthy! Around that time he met an individual who wished to form a partnership and create a franchise of gyms, now known as Planet Fitness (Aka: American Health and Sport). My father didn’t know the guy, so settled for a handsome lease agreement. Now many years later, with the lease coming to an end, my father has decided to take the gym back and re-launch Health World: Changing Your Perceptions. The gym is planned to launch on the 5th November 2005 (on Friday ) and so far all of the renovations are running smoothly. If you live in South Africa, within the Gauteng region, please feel free to join us all for the launch. The gym is located on the corner of O’Reilly Merry and Melherbe Street in Rynfield,  Benoni. We’re all excited about it and hope its a success.
In other news, my father had to place an advertisement in the Benoni City Times for the gyms opening… guess who got to design and create it?! As most of you know, I’m studying a double major in Media & Communications with Marketing. This year, for Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), we had to create an IMC plan. I did well in both assignments which were based on the Health World gym. Needless to say, my dad liked so many of my ideas that he has given my complete IMC plan to his sales staff and even changed the slogan to ‘Changing Your Perceptions’ (my idea  ). It is so weird yet I’m really glad that I could contribute in some way as my dad works very hard, often with my mom who helps out when she can. Well, to the point I was making! I was finally able to utilise the knowledge that I have gained from Marketing to help create a new advertisement for the Gym. It is different, but people who have seen it like it… so that can only mean good things! LOL! I’ll try to post a copy of it soon. So keep checking back!
The Movie

After my mom and I had finished scoping out the gym, we made our way to Lakeside mall. It was there that we watched the movie Flight Plan.
It is such a good movie! Jodie Foster is a brilliant actress and is looking so good for her age. She really is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who can actually pull of an action role! But she does it in such a real and believable way, she truly is gifted! Now that I’ve finished publicising Miss Foster, lets talk about the movie. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers a head so if you haven’t seen it fear not!
Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) has just lost her husband in a tragic accident in Berlin. So now she and her six-year-old daughter, Julia, are flying his body to New York for burial. The plane is an interesting aspect of the movie. It’s a two storey state-of-the-art 474 aircraft, which she designed (I love commercial aeroplanes so this was a really cool aspect of the movie for me… ). Kyle doesn’t get to give Julia the tour of the plane she helped to build, because when she awakes from a two hour sleep, her daughter is not longer sitting next to her. In a panic, Kyle goes to every passenger and flight attendant asking if they have seen her daughter. All of them give similar responses, "Your daughter wasn’t with you when you got on board" or "You have a daughter?". After that, everyone becomes a suspect.
"Everyone becomes a suspect?" you say, well what would you do if your daughter had gone missing in a plane that has two full storeys, over 500 passengers, a separate crews quarters and 30 toilet chambers?! After her initial shock, she notifies the captain (played by Sean Bean of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) and he has the flight attendants perform a search. A somewhat friendly air marshal (played splendidly by Peter Sarsgaard of "Garden State") offers to help Kyle with her search while keeping her under observation. For some reason, Julia doesn’t show up on the plane’s manifest and her boarding pass is gone. Everyone around her thinks she is just losing her mind from grief of the loss of her husband.
Without saying too much more, Flightplan is a first-rate movie. It’s like Panic Room at 40,000 feet and may be described as a very taut psychology thriller. The suspense comes as often as bouts of turbulence. LOL! It will have you on the edge of your seat until its dramatic conclusion. Lest not forget the movies star, the lovely Jodie Foster. She shows why she has won two Oscars and really pulls off the role of a grieving mother. Her emotion is so real that her eyes are constantly bloodshot throughout the entire movie. She simply ‘rocks’! Obviously this review is simply my opinion (and that of someone from IMDB…   LOL!) and thus the movie won’t be suited to everyone’s liking. But let me put it to you this way. My mom actually enjoyed the movie… and it was a psychological thriller/action flick  !
The Cuz’
After the movie, and pulling my mom away from this store that was having a clothing and shoe sale, we went to visit my cousins for a while: Linda, Wichard, Cherise, Terence, Brandon… and Jayden. It sounds weird doesn’t it, I’ve labelled six people of which there are two mothers, 3 uncles, a single first cousin, 4 second cousins and a single third cousin. Let me explain…
Linda is my direct cousin (first cousin). She is one of my uncles (dads only brother’s) daughters. She however, has 4 children: Wichard, Terence, Cherise and Brandon (in exactly that order). They are therefore my second cousins. The thing is, that her children are more or less my age (except for Brandon) which means that I’m closer to them. Now Cherise has just had a baby, in September, which makes Jayden my third cousin (the first one too).Whew… I’ve finally explained it!
Anyway, we visited them for a while and had a good time, chatting, laughing, being affectionate; the normal stuff.
In essence, my day yesterday was really awesome!  I really can’t complain, life is very good (touch wood)!
It’ll probably be getting even better today, as we will be finally receiving our Media Centre PC for the living room… (ring, ring, ring)…That is so cool… the guy has just phoned… his on his way… he’s actually in the neighbourhood. I’ve accidently given him the wrong directions to our house, due to me being so over excited , but my dad has just cleared it up with him. Oh this is going to be so cool!
Anyway, gotta go as he’s just arrived… it looks so awesome!
(P.S.: Happy Brithday Winnie! Our domestic worker/family friend turned 52 today!)

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