Media Centre Woes!

Hey Milieu Pals,
As you all know, I’ve been talking about our infamous Media Centre (along with the lovely Xbox 360) for quite some time. Well, they came to install it on Wednesday last week (over two months from the time of the order) and they’ve been struggling to get it working properly since then. It has really been a hectic mission.
I won’t go into too much detail, as I reckon most of you who read this blog won’t really understand computer terminology such as full/half duplex network speeds or partitioned dynamic drives and so forth and so on. All you need to know… is that the ‘Professionals’, , who are working on the computer are struggling a lot to get it working properly and that this is the first time that they’ve had this many problems with an installation of a Media Centre … that’s typical… just our luck  !
Well, there is not much else to say, other than the fact that we are all really miffed out at the fact that the rest of the TV’s in the house are without DSTV, until the Media Centre Extenders are up and running properly… something my parents are really miffed out about. But, hopefully today (the same thought as last weeks hopefully Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) they will fix it properly. I just want it done, done properly, so that we can all relax and enjoy our new digital centre of entertainment!
I have other news that I will be writing about shortly, particularly the immigration of my God son Fabrice:
"Au Revoir Fabrice" is a heart felt story of a father, son and brother who are savagely ripped apart by a venomous vixen with a heart of ice.
Coming soon to a Hans’ Milieu near you!
So stay tuned Milieu Pals!

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