Someone is crying 'Xbox 360'!

Hey Milieu Pals,
It seems as though my dreams have been answered! I found out yesterday, while surfing the web, that the Xbox 360 is actually coming to South Africa. The only problem is that they don’t know when, as they are still busy ‘analysing’ the market.
This new information doesn’t mean that I’ve cancelled my US Xbox 360 pre-order, why you ask, because Microsoft South Africa said almost the exact same thing when the original Xbox launched back in 2002, yet the console never made it to our shores. So I’m not taking any chances this time around just in case someone is crying wolf, or better yet, crying Xbox 360! I will thus continue to get my glorious US Xbox 360 (which you all know I’m dying for), and should SA eventually get the Xbox 360 (which will be the UK PAL version) then I will just get another one.
I have already spoken to my dad about it and he’s already agreed. Now, before you think "what a spoilt brat, 2 perhaps 3 damn Xbox 360’s?!", just note that my dad was the one who came to this conclusion. Why you may ask? Recently we acquired a Media Centre PC, which is running smoothly, but in order for the rest of the televisions in the house to receive a signal or to use its features, Media Centre extenders are required.
Extenders are currently stand alone pieces of equipment with no special features. They simply connect to a network, which is connected to the Media Centre PC, which in turn relays the information to the designated TV wherever in the house it may be. Now the beauty of the Xbox 360, is that it has built in Media Centre extender capabilities and is also able to stream High Definition TV/content; play DVD’s; play Xbox 360 games; and it is aesthetically more pleasing to the eye compared to an ordinary Media Centre extender (See the images of an Xbox 360 above right and a normal extender on the left). The best part though is that the Xbox 360 is slightly cheaper, if not exactly the same price, as a normal Media Centre extender. So logically, it makes more sense to purchase Xbox 360’s. I’m obviously not complaining, the more Xbox 360’s the better  (does anyone else hear those joyous shouts from Xbox 360 LAN parties?)!
Instead of talking about the Xbox 360, I should be studying for my next exam… I’m just so excited though as the US launch is less than two weeks away… that means that I’ll be getting my Xbox 360 within the next 3-4 odd weeks… Oh My Gosh… I’m brimming with excitement. Honestly though, I wish I could have flown to the states to get my console, I can’t though because I’m going with the University to Australia, which is something that I’m also totally psyched out about.
In less than a week and a half’s time, I will be flying to Aus land with my University. I’m really looking forward to it. Just to fly and be overseas… its always such a good feeling. I would have got my Xbox 360 there, but Australia is only receiving their allocated shipment next year January-February. We are apparently going to the main Melbourne campus of Monash Australia. I’ve only been to Sydney and Manley, so this will be an awesome new experience. I hope to get in touch with some of our family, but I’m not sure if that will be possible due to the hectic proposed itinerary and the fact that they live in Brisbane and Sydney… nowhere near Melbourne. I will try though… you hear that my Aussie cuz’, the Hansinator will be back in town  !
Even though I’ll be away Milieu Pals, fear not for I will probably take my laptop with me, assuming of course it doesn’t get stolen at the airport (a syndicated group of Laptop thieves are currently about) and that the residence we will be staying at has internet access. I’ll try to update my blog with pictures as much as possible while I’m away. I will also be looking forward to coming back because by the time I get home from the trip, my Xbox 360 package would have hopefully (notice the fact that its ‘hopefully’ ) arrived!
Anyway Milieu Pals, I’ve got to carry on studying as I still have the Managing Communications in Multicultural Organisations exam to worry about  !
Check back soon, as I may become infected with a bout of verbal ‘rice water’ !

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  • hey hans! congrats on the xbox! i have no idea what it is about exactly,but its really cool!keep up the cool blog! and yes, i will use spellchecker.cheerswic

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