Explorer Woes!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I wrote this hectically long post about what has been happening this week but then Microsoft’s Internet Explorer decided to crash and I lost everything that a I had written  ! Now I’m suitably miffed off and annoyed by the whole thing… so much so that I honestly don’t feel like writing it all again! I will eventually do it… but perhaps  later or tomorrow!
For now though, I’ll just mention that I have upgraded the Xbox 360 Album with pictures of the Prototype Xbox 360’s (pictures are courtesy of Next Generation and thank goodness some of those designs never made it into production  ), the Xbox 360 Lounge in Japan; and misc. pictures of the console and accessories.
Don’t worry Milieu Pals, I’ll be writing soon… if not later today than definitely tomorrow, after all, I’m leaving for Aus land on Friday!
Check back soon for more on: the AUS Files, Modelling and Blue Virgins!

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