Fly baby fly!

Hey Milieu Pals,
Today is the day that I leave sunny South Africa with the MUSASA (Monash University South Africa Student Association) for our trip to Australia. I’m rather nervous since this will be the first time that I am leaving home for longer than 5 days (now a total of 16).
I just wanted to write something quickly before I have to depart and just in case I don’t have access to the internet when I’m there. Ido have news though, concerning the Xbox 360.
It seems as though I may not be getting one because the people I have ordered it through said that their suppliers have messed up. What they are doing now, however, is flying to America and waiting in Launch day queues to try and get as many Xbox 360’s as possible. Also they have raised the price to accomodate this new scenario. Regardless I have made my payment, after accepting the new terms and conditions, and now await their response. If they can’t get me one, then I will get a full refund… but lets not hope that has to happen!
Anyway Milieu Pals, I must finish packing etc. and have to make my way to the airport. Keep checking back fo more info, that will hopefully realte to Aus Land!

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