The Future is Bright!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I’m so glad that most of you are reading my blog. It makes me so happy to see your comments, read your replies via e-mail or simply to hear from you via sms. It’s great to have that constant feedback from home, makes me feel a little less home sick! LOL!
Aus land has been great so far, so let me tell you what is new:
Future Leaders
We have finally started the future leaders program, one of the main reasons we have come to Aus land. It is quite a prestigious program so we are very privileged to be a part of it. In fact, we are actually the international pioneers of the Future Leadership program. What I mean is that we are the first non-aussie people to be a part of it. If you live in Aus land and are a student, you can apply to do it but they only accept 200 people per year at a rate of $250 AUS (aka R1250). So as you can hear, we really are very lucky.
The workshop took place at the Monyx offices, another part of the huge Monash ‘world’. Monash is huge in Aus land. It really is a very prestigious university. For example they actually have an entire suburb, a highway and one of Melbourne’s largest industrial districts, all under the Monash name. It is actually incredible. Anyway, Monyx is basically in charge of the Monash student associations, various funds and the overall ‘Campus Life’ of the student. It is essentially owned by both the student body and Monash itself with a 50/50 share between the two, it is truly very cool.
The offices are essentially a converted warehouse but it has been done in such a post-modern way that it is simply stunning to look at. Once again, very retro-modern but oh so cool!
The leadership program is all about discovering your innate talents, how to deal with others, how to be effective as a leader and so on and so forth. Apparently no two workshops are the same as each individual has different expectations and achievements. So far it has been quite cool so I am actually looking forward to the rest of the workshops which have been spread over a period of 4 days (even though it would have normally taken only 2 days).
Facilities Galore
I swear, this place gets better and better the longer we stay. At first I was rather disappointed with Monash Clayton because it was very old and didn’t seem too great. However, that only seems to be exclusive to the residence’s.
The students here basically have everything. We finally went to the campus centre… Oh my gosh… it was like a mini-mall. It has basically everything that a student could need: bookshops, various restaurants to cater for all tastes, clothes shops, movies, theatres, banks and so on and so forth.
There was even one book shop that was having a sale, and a ridiculous one at that, whereby I was able to pick up the History of Monash for only $1 Aus (R5). Lawrence Cupido (our tour guide and Monash Alumni) actually pointed out to me that he had bought the same book for $40 Aus at a bookstore outside of the Monash campus. He then gave me $1 Aus to buy it stating "It’s on me bud!"… how cools is that! LOL!
After touring the amazing student centre we were taken to the Monash Sporting facilities… Oh my word… think about it like this: 40 tennis courts, 2 Olympic sized swimming pools, 3 rugby fields, 3 soccer fields, 20 basketball courts, a massage parlor, spa, fully equipped gym (about as big as my dads gym and offers everything from Tae-Bo to Yoga) and so on and so forth. Seriously, If i came to this campus, I’d be ‘buff’ as I’d really want to work out, it really is that cool and exudes that kind of energy.
Factory Outlets
Yeah, this was something I really was looking forward to! lawrence took us to this factory shopping place… I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was simply huge! I swear, that place could have fitted a 747 boeing! In this giant hanger were hundreds of shops with various merchandise… and so the shopping began. Obviously most of the shops dealt with Womens clothing, but there was enough for guys too. The best shop though, was visiting the Electronic Boutique of Gaming… yes… EB games! It was so awesome! I walked in and my eyes lit up like a ‘hobo’ on Christmas who is given a new bottle of Whisky! I went in, zoomed around for a while and then made several purchases! The prices were pretty good, but if you do a conversion (and this is for practically anything in Aus) from Aus dollars to SA Rands, things tend to be similarly priced.
Anyway, we all had a good time with me purchasing the most and ‘conveniently’ forgetting our meeting time as we were let loose to shop. They waited for over 45min for me to return from my shopping spree, but Lawrence was totally cool about it! LOL!
Whats next?
It is now early morning (8:45am), got up at 6am. I have already eaten and showered, called home… the usual thing. I now have to quickly head up to my room to get my cell phone and then we are off again for the second installment of the Leadership Programme, and hopefully, more shopping! LOL!
I miss you all so much (especially my mom and dad) and look forward to coming back. I will be going into the city tomorrow to try and see what I can do with my ticket, as I may be able to stay for a short while. If that doesn’t work out, then I have another back up plan to see Dominique and Michelle, but more about that later!
So I hope you are all well Milieu Pals and remember to leave comments, send me e-mail and sms me if you can (I have a new aus number that I’ll sms you on)! Until the next post!

2 thoughts on “The Future is Bright!

  • Hey you!I\’m glad your having a fantastic time- we all (the fella\’s) miss you tons! Don\’t overdo the shopping now as I know you can get a bit lost in all the excitement of gadgets!Monash Clayton sounds awesome- you better take tons of pictures so i can see- then we can compare it to Monash SA- which by the sound of it doesn\’t come anywhere near Monash Cayton!Anyways as Lez told you poor Nicky was voted out and the people were really mad saying that the show was rigged and you know, the usual stuff SA moans about. I was one of them as I thought Nicky was gonna win! Ag well- now the winner should be Karen as I think Gift doesn\’t stand a chance against her!Anyways- gotta go, miss you tonsCher

  • Expect you to be late!!! But hey you are a Haupt after all, and here at home we all know not to expect anything els, but for an Haupt to be late… and why are you late? well i supose "because you can" LOL. Glad to hear you are having fun.LoveLezanne

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