Off the Wall!

Hey Milieu Pals,
Today I finally had my first ‘off’ day… a day in which I am able to do whatever it is I want with my own time. So what did I do I hear you ask? Simple really… I shopped! LOL! Yeah I know, the Hans who never likes shopping went to shop. Well, it is different when one shops for themselves… because that is when it is fun! LOL! 
But before I talk about today, let me about yesterday! LOL!
Monash in Aus land is huge, something I have reiterated time and time again. We were thus taken to another campus of the Monash brand, known as Caulfield.
The Caulfield campus is simply amazing. It has almost all of the facilities as that of the Clayton campus yet it truly resembles the Melbourne city and vibe. Some parts of the Campus look like works of art and exude a sense of retro-chic individualism. This is the university I would like to study at. Granted each of the campuses have their strengths and weaknesses, but I will take style over open spaces any day!
The student services office at Caulfield is truly amazing and is apparently considered to be at the forefront of student needs. Other competitor university’s have actually decided to adopt some of Caufields methods of dealing with students. For example: the student services offices look more like something out of a space age grocery store with each ‘teller’ equipped with all the necessary information and equipment needed to appease basically all o a students needs. You have to experience it to truly understand what I mean.
Basically Caufield is a modernised version of the Clayton campus even though the Clayton campus will eventually reach the level of modernism exhibited by the Caufield campus.
Most of the day was essentially spent on exploring the Caufield Campus.
I have good news though. I, along with Bobo, Mpho and Heather, were chosen to be interviewed by Monah Reporters for Aussie Newspapers and International Newspapers. How cool is that?! We even had our pictures taken separately from the rest of the group. We felt like celebrities… by the way, I now charge for my signature! LOL! When I get the photo’s or the newspaper clippings, I’ll be sure to post it for all you Milieu Pals to see!
Okay, now back to what happened today… LOL!
The French Man
I’m not sure if I mentioned Pierro, but I’m going to do it now anyway. Pierro is Aunty Mano’s old boyfriend from when she used to be on the ‘Island’. To give you an idea of how long ago that was just note that my mom and her siblings left Mauritius over 35 years ago. My aunt met up with him again when she went to visit her two daughters, here in Aus land, about a year ago. So they have been in contact with one another again since that time. Well, my aunt contacted him, who contacted my mom, who contacted him again, who tried contacted me, who I then contacted (if you don’t get that, don’t worry, just know that it was quite a mission at the time). After we finally made contact we agreed that he should pick me up from Monash at 10am Wednesday Morning.
At first I hadn’t heard from him, so I assumed that he may be busy. I then phoned to confirm the details and he told me that the number I had given him (got an Aus number now) didn’t work. Now Optus, the mobile network provider, sends you your number via sms once you’ve registered. In my jet-lagged state, I had been giving the number to people that the message came from, not the number within the message. Regardless I finally sorted out the error and plans were finalised.
He picked me up with his wife and we made our way to Chadstone Mall. The name of the mall is pronounced as follows: Chad-St-UH-n. They seem to ignore the ‘E’ at the end of the word Stone… oh well, only in Aus land. At least it is better than MAC (Mall at Carnival… yes that is the name of a shopping centre near Carnival city, a Casino, in Brakpan… I swear… only in Brakpan!).
Anyway we spent the whole day in Chadstone, which is absolutely massive. It is probably about the same size as Gateway, a massive shopping centre in Durban that is 1km long, or perhaps a little smaller. I basically went crazy and bought a whole lot of goods. All I’m worried about now, is if I will get penalised for going over my allowed weight for when i have to fly home!
Anyway, my day spent with Pierro and his wife (I can’t believe I forgot her name) was absolutely awesome. They are such wonderful people and remind me of home, very warm and caring. I really had a good time with them and would love to go out with them again. I hope I can soon assuming my timetable will allow it.
Well Milieu Pals, it is time for me to go. I’m not really feeling very well at the moment, I have a massive headache and still feel like I’m rocking on a ship. I hope to get this motion sickness sorted soon. remember to e-mail, sms and leave comments when you can, don’t be shy now! LOL!
Remember to check back soon!
(P.S.: I have sent my cousin my photo’s from the trip, if he gets them he will update my blog with them!)

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