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Hey Milieu Pals,
I’ve been speaking about the different campuses that Monash has around Aus land and have previously stated that I really like Caufield. Well, I may have changed my mind about that.
Clayton Baby!
The Clayton campus is by far the biggest campus of them all. It is also the oldest and thus does not seem very appealing at first glance. However, despite its visiual appearance this campus is by far the best when it comes to facilities, especially for sports and exercise.
Today we ended up touring the Clayton Campus, visiting all of the departments etc. Now this campus is massive, it is seriously big. Clayton is home to 26 000 students, and that number does not include staff. They have tried to give the campus a very open and natural feel which is often apparent through the diverse quantity if tree’s and the bounds of open spaces between the different faculties. Apparently it is so big, that staff and members from the Engineering Faculty, for example, never actually meet staff or students from the Medical Faculty.
The first thing we did was have a meeting with various officials and Monash Alumni. Now, since I am the only Caucasian person within our total group of 12 members, it was only a matter of time before someone asked that inevitable question: "How can you be part of the group from South Africa, which is in Africa? I mean, you are white!". This very nice guy, Thierry, was the one who asked the question. He was semi-joking, but I could tell he was a little uncertain as he then proceeded to ask about where I ‘really’ came from and what languages I speak (he had a strange fixation about the Afrikaans language). Needless to say, all worked out well and he really was very pleasant and down to earth.
The campus is also slowly undergoing changes that will bring it to the visual standard of its sister campus, Caufield. That can only mean good things for the students of Monash University.
The only problem with the campus is how big it is. For example: to get to the Student centre from Howitt Hall (my dormitory block) takes me approximately 15 minutes and that is walking at a very fast speed. Trust me, I really was moving because when i arrived, my calves were engorged with blood and ready to go into spasms. I now know why the Aussies have such good well built legs, it is because they like to walk all the time and at Clayton, they are forced to walk.
We also went to the STRIP (Science, Technology, Research & Information Precinct) which is this massive building which houses many Australian companies which use prospective students for research and thus provide job opportunities. One example is whereby Monash itself has created a company which specialises in nano-technology and they are currently in the process of developing intelligent clothes that automatically clean themselves. It truly is very cool!
After our very lengthy tour, it was time to visit the PVC (Pro Vice Chancellor) Professor Richard Larkin. The meeting went smoothly with each of us giving our feedback of Monash South Africa and Monash Australia . Once done with the tea and cakes, demolished by our ravenous stomachs, we headed off to Williams Town.
William Who?
Williams town is a very small and cool place. It is similar to a place called Saint Kilder’s. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly where these places are, so i hope names will suffice.
We ended up driving around the suburbs again, in particular through Chapel Street and Oakland street. They are awesome little place, which remind me a lot of Italy, because the streets are packed with little boutiques, confectionaries and so on and so forth.
Touring Clayton and visiting the PVC took up most of our time so we only drove through those aforementioned streets. After lengthy bouts of driving we made it to a famous pizza parlor (can’t remember the name… to tired to think properly) where we feasted the day away (well night, but the sun takes forever to go down).
Overall we all had a very good day, especially considering all of the freebies that we keep getting from everyone all of the time! LOL!
Tomorrow we have the future leaders program again and then we are apparently going shopping… yet again… So keep checking back as I will be sure to update my blog  soon.
(P.S.: The Xbox 360 was launched on Tuesday in America and will launch next week Friday in the UK… I so hope I get one… LOL!)

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