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Have Milieu Pals,
I felt that the previous post was a little lacklustre in details and enthusiasm, partly because I have finally adjusted to Aus time and was rather tired at that time of the evening (11:30pm). So I have decided to post something quick…. oh my gosh… freaky moment… I’m busy eating an apple, and I’ve just tasted something peculiar. Guess what?! The seeds within the apple core have actually started to Germinate (I bet you thought it was a worm or something! LOL!)! That is so weird, I’ve never seen anything like this before… Aus land really is a special place.
Well, to get o the point of this post, I want to talk about the food of and in this country.
I hope you understood my play on words within the title between Australia and Obesity, if you didn’t then now you know, if you did then you have taken the time to read through 14 words… time that you’ll never get back again! LOL!
Aus land itself really reminds me of America. The people are actually rather large here, not all of them, but there are quite a few, perhaps a few too many. I can understand why they are like this though and that is because of the portions of food one is exposed to when ordering a meal. Food here is rather cheap, especially in Aus terms hence people here eat very well for a minimum amount of cash. I have taken a picture of one dish (I hope to get them all loaded up soon) that was immense in size. To give you an idea, I ordered a Falafel that I couldn’t even hold properly with both hands. I haven’t been pigging out, however hard that may be, and have been trying to eat as healthy as possible. The last thing I want to do is come home looking like a balloon.
On another note let me also just mention that there are a lot of good looking people here, both male and female. Also, the guys are HUGE! Not in weight but in height! Sometimes I feel really short amongst some of the people and I come in at about 1.95 centimetres (6 foot 4 inches).
They also seem to have an uncanny ability to dress well. That may be because we are in Melbourne, which is something of a fashion capital. The people also don’t seem to really care about what others think of them. They dress the way they want to and that’s that! The different sub-cultures are rather apparent within the Aus society, as by just walking down the street you can tell who is a ‘Koo Girl’ (upper class female individual), a rocker, a Goth, a fashion expert, a sports fanatic and so on and so forth.
In Aus land there are tons of Brands that I have never even heard of before but the thing is that a lot of the stuff just seems to be renamed to suit the Aus market. For example: Burger King here is called Hungry Jack.
Be back soon
I will hopefully be able to see my cousins next week but trying to change my tickets has been a real schlep. Well I’ve got to get going, have the Future Leaders program again this morning, then I think we are going shopping and this evening we have been invited to attend the Blues Ball, which is a sports awards dinner.
Keep checking back for more details Milieu Pals… as you make up a large portion of keeping my sanity intact and in check (the cocojins are GMT-ing me quite often)!

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  • Im hungry now!!! lol. Well as you know very well, that it is the end of the year, and your parents have all this end year funktions and weddings, and so your mom is not poeting to much efort into the food or should i say Winey… So hearing about the Ausies food really makes my mouth water… Had suishi last night thou. lol. It is this litle restuarant in Sandton, It is a Suishi bar, so there is no tables, no privacy, but it was still very nice, and the suishi were really good!! We are so eating suishi when you come back!LoveLezannePs: Excuse my bad english, im trying. lol

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