Time is Short so make it Quick!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I’ve just been busy busy busy! With what you ask? Touring and shopping of course!
Not much has happened since my last post, other than a lot of transport woes… which I will elaborate on in a future post. Right now I am stressing about my flights, among other things, as I still have no idea what it is I will be doing with regards to visiting my cousins. When i know whats potting I will be sure to let you all know too!
My next post will be about Transport, Animals and GMT moments (Grating My T$ts)!
Before i go I just wanted to let you know that I may not be able to post on Hans’ Milieu from Thursday 1st December onwards until I arrive back in South Africa. Obviously I will try my hardest to update you all on what is happening, but I just thought I would let you all know.
I’m Missing you all, and like the title says, this was a quick post so expect my next post (whenever that may be) to be quite a lengthy one!

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