Flaming Ghosts

Hey Milieu Pals,
The following poem is called Flaming Ghosts and was written when I was 11 years old in Standard 3 (Grade 5) under the tuition of a Mrs. Carol Tromp, during my time at Tom Newby Primary School. It is the first poem I had ever written and thus has a lot of sentimental value. The poem is in its original form and has not been edited since its creation.
I can’t remember exactly why I wrote it but I do remember giving a signed copy of the poem to Robyn (a person whom I am still very good friends with) and told her to keep it because it will become very valuable once I’m incredibly famous and wealthy. I still hope to fulfil that ambitious statement! LOL!
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Flaming Ghosts
Flaming ghosts in the light of the moon,
Will send a screech that will soon,
Be joined by the screams of a burning baboon.
The flaming ghosts devour,
Devastate and incinerate anything in their path,
Which will be accompanied by a spine tingling little laugh,
Even though they have such power they spare a little calf.
Fiery embers add a hard harsh feel,
Which would singe and smoulder any living things,
That is soon stopped by the monsoon beings,
Who bring back peace and tranquillity to the Valley of the Kings!

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