Cheers Wic!

Hey Milieu Pals,
As I previously mentioned one of my cousins, Wichard, has finally left the country. It was sad, but we all knew it was something he had and wanted to do. Everybody seems to be going overseas, perhaps I should too! LOL!
Cheers Wic!
Wicard has finally made his way to the UK, in particular Leeds, and is currently on a three month working contract which he may renew once it expires. Ultimately he will be away for at least a year before be comes back to SA. It is something he has always wanted to do, and through great fortune, he has been able to.

Of all of us, his mom is obviously taking his absence the hardest. He is the eldest and thus the first born of her four children. To try and ease his departure, I am trying to create a DVD of Wichard with pictures and funny videos of him accompanied by his favourite music. I hope that she will appreciate it and that it’ll comfort her while he is away. The picture to the right is from the most Recent ‘Cheeky’ photo shoot with Wichard. Cheeky is what I call my ‘Photographic Studio’ because basically everyone I take pictures of, must pose in such a way that they show their ‘Cheeks’ to the camera. And no, those are not the cheeks located on your face! LOL! Don’t worry, its just harmless fun and all ‘models’ are fully clothed!
I have already phoned Wic and we have texted one another quite a bit already. So far he is quite happy and loves the notion of ‘public transport’ which we don’t have here in South Africa. Well, we kind of do but that’s only if you don’t want to arrive alive (I kid you not)! I’m just happy that he made it in one piece, after all this was his first time flying in an aeroplane and of all the places to fly to, he flies to another country. LOL!
In other news:
Mark and Mika are doing really well in Australia and are thoroughly enjoying being in Aus land. I haven’t heard from Laura in a while (who is in Singapore) but from what I can gather she is also having a fantabulous time! I’m so happy that my friends, and now another family member, are enjoying themselves and thus having the time of their lives.
My holiday is almost over, finally start University again next week Monday, but its not over yet, so tonight (23 February 2006) I’m going out with Wayne and Dale to Boma (a buffet restaurant) and we’re going to eat as much seafood as we can! LOL! Its going to be awesome!
That’s all for now Milieu Pals, but check back soon for more on love, life and… other stuff!

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