Abstract Photography

Hey Milieu Pals,
I just thought that I’d post some photographs, of what I’d like to think are abstract in nature, that have been taken by me. The photographs are located under the album called: Abstract Photography. Should I take any more pictures that I feel are abstract in nature, I will add them to that photograph album.
Mik & Mark
Not much else has been happening. I did finally make contact with Mark and Mika via MSN Messenger and we are thus chatting quite a lot to one another. It has been brilliant. Unfortunately the Webcam won’t go through. We can only presume that it is because of the Universities firewall. Who really knows though! I have also created a blog for the two of them, so they can tell the world about their experiences. They have yet to write anything, but when they finally do you can check it out by clicking on the link to their blog under the Milieu Pals list.
The Kruger Park
This weekend my mom and dad, Aunty Magalie, Uncle Edward, Aunty Mano, Pierro and Mileena will be going to the Kruger National park. Aunty Magalie and Uncle Edward always have time shares to these amazing resorts, especially since Uncle Edward loves the wild and nature, so this year they decided that they’d take their holiday early in order to allow Pierro and Mileena to experience the real South Africa.
I could have gone, but don’t really feel like driving around trying to spot wild game like elephants, lions, cheetah’s etc. for hours on end, only to spot what appears to be large clumps of dung, infested with flies and no real animals in sight. That and I don’t fancy being eaten alive by monstrous mosquito’s that may infect you with the deadly Malaria virus. My cousins are also not going, so I wouldn’t really have anyone near my age group going along thus the trip lost most of its appeal. Besides, if I wanted to see wild animals I would just take a drive around Benoni town.
Don’t get me wrong. It is not like I don’t appreciate or enjoy nature, it is just that I feel one must be in the mood to want to do something like that. I know my mom also doesn’t really want to go, especially since I’m no longer going, so I really hope she has a good time, and this time, she had better stay in the car. The last time we went, she saw a flower that she liked and thus wanted to pick it. Now this is not only illegal, according to the parks rules and regulations, but she could have been eaten alive by some wild animal. I pray she obeys the rules and regulations this time.
Well Milieu Pals, that seems to be all for now. But keep checking back for more Milieu News…

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