Tsotsi – Our South African Oscar Winner!

Hey Milieu Pals,
Our Oscar Winner!
If you haven’t already heard then please allow me to inform you that Tsotsi, a purely South African movie, has won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film! It has also won/been nominated for the following accolades:
AFI Film Festival – Audience Awards Best Feature Film
Edinburgh Film Festival – Audience Award
Toronto Film Festival – People’s Choice Award
Thessaloniki Film Festival – Greek Parliaments Human Values Award
Nominee – British Academy Film Award
This is a great achievement which proves to the rest of the world that not only do we churn out Oscar winning actors (Charlize Theron) but we can also create Oscar Winning films (Tsotsi) that are on par with the best that Hollywood can offer. This new achievement should definitely boost the South African film industry and we can thus hope to see many more films of this calibre (with different subject matter of course).
The word Tsotsi is a noun which means thug, gangster or hoodlum. Microsoft® Encarta® 2006  describes the word Tsotsi in the following way:  A young black man who belongs to a gang involved in criminal activities of various kinds, especially one that operates in a township
The movie may be summarised as follows: Tsotsi is set amid the sprawling Johannesburg Township of Soweto – where survival is the primary object – and traces six days in the life of ruthless young gang leader, who ends up caring for a baby that was accidentally kidnapped during a violent car-jacking. To find out more, visit the official site here: Tsotsi or the Miramax affiliated flash site here: TsotsiMovie.
I have yet to see the film, but once I have I will be sure to let you all know exactly what I think. From the preview, however, I can already tell that I’m going to like the art direction and that it will probably be a very emotional and gut wrenching toll on the human psyche (don’t know where I got that from but it sounds good doesn’t it! LOL!).
The Future looks bright…
I look forward to seeing what will emerge next from our movie industry. I reckon they should create a horror movie based on the Tokeloshe. That would be brilliant if it is executed properly. But I think they would struggle to find actors (and definitely viewers) since many black South Africans still fear this urban legend/folk tale.
A Tokeloshe, for those of you who don’t know, is the myth revolving around a little demon that haunts, taunts or kills those it visits. It may be banished or summoned by a Sangoma (witch doctor), who will do what is required for the right price (think the Maffia). It is also said that the Tokeloshe has an affinity for those who use ‘snuff’ (black tobacco infused powder that is inhaled through the nose). One of the only ways to avoid being hurt by this little demon, is by placing bricks under the four corners of ones bed, thus raising your bed to a height that the Tokeloshe cannot reach. I’m sure many non South Africans who read this (the specifics of this urban legend) will think I’m talking absolute rot, but I kid you not. I actually obtained most of the above information from Winnie, our domestic worker/family member, who has been with us for over 23 years. Just thinking about an awesomely horrific movie based on the Tokeloshe gives me chills! LOL!
Anyway Milieu Pals, I’ve got to go since I’m being summoned for dinner!
Speak to you all again soon…

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  • Hey Hansy,
    Its really great that Tsotsi won that Oscar cause they desevered it big time!!!!!!!!! The film is one of the most touching ones that i have seen. Don\’t know if you are a softy but you should get ready to shed a tear or two. I as you can already guess I more than a few. I am really proud to be a South African all the time but events like this really bost for the Proudly South African spirit. I can\’t wait to read your thoughts on Tsotsi…

  • Hello,
    its me again!!! Just wanted to say thank you for the cool comment. I am sure that Fabien knows he lucky to have MOI 🙂 I am really luck too to have him in my life cause he is a great guy. Hope you are keeping well. Speak to you soon

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