Past Times!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I can’t believe that it has already been three weeks since I said I would update Hans’ Milieu. I just can’t believe how quickly time flies. I’m currently in the process of writing yet another assignment (with 3 more to go) but felt that I have neglected ‘My Space’ for far too long and should update it. So, off to the beginning we go…
United Kingdom or bust!
For those of you who can remember, I mentioned that my cousin Wichard had left for the United Kingdom back in late February of this year. Although  I never publicly admitted it, I gave Wichard less than two months (of his projected 12 months) in the UK before he decided to come home. Low and behold, my theory was correct.
Just under two months after his departure, Wichard made his way back to ‘Sunny South Africa’. He cited bouts of ‘Home Sickness’ and the ‘lack of adequate funds for survival’ for his timely return. Regardless, we’re all just happy that he has returned healthy and in one piece.
Wichard was also kind enough to buy me another Xbox 360 (you know I love those things) which has been placed in my parent’s bedroom, with its main purpose being that of a media centre extender.
The Easter Weekend
Every year, during the time of the Easter weekend, the entire family (well, my moms side) go away to a desolate location for some quality time. This year we went to a place called Graceland, near Bethlehem in the Freestate, which is about two and a half hours away by car.
I must say that I love being around the family. Just to be able to see everyone, speak to them, share stories and above all, share our love for one another… it is just brilliant! The family is very warm, so everyone is quite close and gets along.
This year we had the pleasure of Michelle and Darren (with their beautiful children: Reid and Tamlyn) joining us from Australia. Also, we had Darren’s sister and parents joining us from the UK and Gabrielle’s new fiance, Fabien, from Mauritius. The family just keeps getting bigger and bigger! LOL!
During the Easter weekend there is never a dull moment. One of the highlights is when groups are randomly created and pitted against one another in a variety of exercises and sporting events. I was part of the group entitled "Team X-treme" (I created the name and cheer… LOL!) which consisted of yours truly, Michelle, Graham, Lynette, Pic-Pic, Nicolas (AB) and Aimee. Our cheer was reminiscent of the Power Rangers and constantly drew crowds when we did it. It was such fun and so cool that we actually got the award for best team spirit: "Yeah… go TEAM X-TREME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"!
Overall, the weekend was a total success. I must give a big thank you to Denis and Daleene for organising this years weekend away. You both organised a fantastic place that was enjoyed by all. I honestly can’t wait for next year…
Michelle and Darrens Wedding
After 11 years and two beautiful children, Michelle and Darren have finally tied the knot. They currently reside in Sydney Australia but travelled all the way to South Africa, in order to celebrate this once in a lifetime event, with the entire family. Actually, the best part about the wedding was that the whole family came together again. It was literally the weekend directly after the Easter weekend.
My mom is Michelle’s God Mother and was therefore helping with everything from the dress and cake (the best one made so far) to the venue in order for the wedding to take place. Trust me being at home was chaotic especially during that crucial week before the wedding. In that same week, Dominique arrived in SA from Aus Land. Dominique and Michelle are sisters, the first two family members to immigrate to another country. I think we may be the next!
The wedding was a wondrous affair. The theme was floral but only in colours of blue, white or purple. Michelle looked absolutely stunning! Her dress was a dark royal blue with just a hint of lavender and covered in hundreds of little cubic’s. It took place at a small chapel in Boxburg after which we went to Le Rendezvous. This was where the real party began. After an asphyxiating entrance with sparklers (this was my moms idea, which was very good at the time, but it was rather unfortunate that the wrong kind of sparklers were purchased. Thus, when we lit them the entire venue filled with blinding smoke, but the worst part is that the embers from the sparklers burnt tiny holes in the hired table settings. My mom, to this day, is still trying to sow the repairs and I quote "It is a wedding I will never forget" – Mom, 2006) Michelle and Darren made their way to the main table and the wedding celebrations began. It was a fun filled night that only ended in the wee hours of the morning. I went home relatively early though (about 11pm) for two reasons, I was sick (and unfortunately still am, over a month later) and had an assignment due for the Monday. Overall though, the wedding was an absolute success!
Please note that I have added all the photographs that I took of the wedding (over 150), to the album entitled: ‘Mich & Daz Finally get hitched’. Most of the family members who have viewed the pictures say that I should take up photography because of how well they turned out. Perhaps I will in the future, but for now it will just remain a hobby, one that I love doing! LOL!
The week after the wedding, all of our international family left. After enjoying three glorious weeks with them all, it was hard to say goodbye, but an event we could not escape.
Durban Bru!
Once all goodbyes were said and life went back to its steady pace, my parents decided we’d go away for a short while. Honestly, this semester has been full of public holidays that it barely feels like I have been to university. Anyway, for the weekend of Freedom Day and Workers Day we went to faithful old Durban. I asked Wichard to tag along, since everyone else was either not getting off or busy, and we had a royal blast. Nothing much happened other than assignment planning (thank goodness for portable technology, my laptop really came in handy). It was just nice to semi-relax a bit for a change considering how busy the previous weeks had been.
And now…?
As most of you now, I’m intensely occupied with assignments at the moment. I’m actually supposed to be writing one now, but have been too occupied with this Milieu Entry. LOL!
This last weekend was also quite nice. I took some time off from all the assignments to just relax. After handing in one of my assignments last week Friday, I went to AnimeWorx. There I bought the Elder Scrolls Oblivion Limited Collectors Edition game for my Xbox 360 (it is absolutely brilliant) and a few DVD’s that I have yet to watch. I was also able to finally catch up on all of the TV that I had missed for the past three weeks… man… Nip/Tuck was brilliant! Once again I’m completely enthralled with Smallville… I love that show and wish I could purchase the DVD’s already like I did for previous season.
Well Milieu Pals, it has been great to finally let you all know what has been happening and what I have been doing. I should have some more information about my 21st soon, considering how nothing has been planned yet and its supposed to take place on the 3rd June, so check back when you can!

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