The 85's Rock!

Hey Milieu Pals,
Recently I have been bombarded with many assignments, but I am happy to report that I have completed most of them and only have one left to go. After that, however, I will need to start studying for my upcoming exams and finish the planning for my 21st. Oh yeah… about 21st’s…
Dale’s Bash
This past Friday (19th May 2006) Dale celebrated his 21st birthday. His real birthday is only on the 8th June, three days after mine, but chose to have it now before the holiday (exam) rush. The party was located at a venue called Golden Ponds which is in an area between Kempton Park and Benoni. If Dale didn’t include a map with his invite… I would have got hopelessly lost because my cars GPS could not locate the venue. Anyway, after a quick phone call to Wayne (asking for directions) I made my way there. Before I ended the call, he told me that he had ‘another’ new girlfriend, for just under a week, and that she had accompanied him to the 21st. He also said I should not be shocked. Immediately I started wondering what kind of girl he could be dating now, but that thought faded when a damn taxi cut in front of me (thank you ‘Gov-eh-ment’ for the wonderful public transport we have *please note the intense sarcasm*).
After driving through the bundu’s (seriously, this place is very well hidden), I made my arrival. The venue was small yet elegant… simply put, it was fantastic. I made my way in and…. *shock/horror*… I spotted Sharon! Now many of you won’t know who she is, so let me give you a succinct history. Sharon was Wayne’s first ‘serious’ girlfriend (a picture of them both can be seen to the right). They have been on and off, for various reasons (too many to recount), for the past 4 odd years. After their last break-up… everyone thought that it would be the end. Then, to everyone’s amazement… trust me, no one expected this… they were back together again. I actually forgot her name when I went to greet them. Apparently I wasn’t the first… Dale had a similar reaction! LOL! We are happy, if they are happy. Anyway, after getting over my initial shock of seeing Sharon with Wayne again, I made my way to greet everyone else I knew. It was quite a lengthy procedure and a little awkward.
Dale’s Birthday was a bit like an Ashton (my former high-school) Reunion. I met up with a few people I had lost contact with (all school mates) and greeted the former deputy principal, Mrs Robinson (Dales Aunt) and a former English teacher, Mrs Rademeyer (Dales cousin). All in all though, it was great to see familiar faces and to find out what they had all been doing since I had last seen them. Once all of the formalities were out of the way, it was time for the speeches. I must say, Dales’ parents said so many beautiful things that the audience was captivated with every spoken word. It was such an emotional time, but awesome none the less. After being so excited about my 21st… I had second thoughts. Why? Because of how emotionally taxing the speeches are. I swear… my parents and I are going to be balling our eyes out! LOL!
Once the ‘Key of Life’ had been handed over the party began. One of the coolest aspects of the party was that each table was given a disposable camera to use in anyway they wish. All I can say, is that Dale will receive quite a few interesting shots from our table! LOL! In the end, the party was a total success. Everyone that was there, especially the table I was sitting at, had a royal blast. I know Dale had a brilliant time too as he mentioned it several times in his semi-coherent state! He’s alright now though. LOL!
My cousin AJ visited us for the weekend, I haven’t seen her in ages. Anyway I created a blog for her, as I do for all my cousins, called Draconic Feline (listed under Milieu Pals). She is a very talented artist who specialises in Neo-Anime and Manga. She has actually created her own character set with its own universe, world and history. AJ can be described as the queen of all things Anime. She has actually taken it upon her self to, and I quote, "educate and introduce the world and magic of anime to all those poor ‘animeless’ people of the world" (AJ, 2006). I quite like anime and manga as well and have a few DVD’s. When AJ saw them all… she literally went berserk, screaming and semi-crying. After that, it was almost impossible to get her out of the lounge and away from our entertainment system. I didn’t mind though, considering the fact that I had an assignment to do anyway (which I still need to complete as of writing this Milieu entry). It has been great to spend some time with her.
The 85’s!
Ah, time to explain the posts  heading. Well, this is the year in which all people born in 1985 will be turning 21. This includes myself. I just feel, and have always felt, that people born during this time are simply some of the best. We have been exposed to technological advancement, revolutions, war and terrorism. We are simply different… I can’t put my finger on exactly how, we just are. Great things will come from the group of 1985 born individuals. This may be a stereoypicaly biased viewpoint, but it is my own and according to relativism through modernity, a viewpoint that cannot be faulted. LOL (finally, my degree is becoming useful)!
Well Milieu Pals, we’ve reached the end of yet another entry. No too worry though, as I will be updating my blog a little more frequently until its time for the exams. After that i’ll be writing away like there’s no tomorrow.
Until next time Milieu Pals!

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