Finally 21 – Adulthood Ahoy!

Hey Milieu Pals,
Today is my Birthday, 5th June, and I have finally turned 21. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. 21 years ago I was a baby, today I am a full grown ‘man’.

My day has been quite good so far. I got several cards and a few presents from my parents, but the best present by far, was a certificate/card which entitles me to my true 21st Birthday present… a new car! I’m simply astounded… I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have already chosen it, but will only get it early next year (it will only be available in November/December of this year anyway). I’m not going to say which car or what kind, I’d rather keep you all in suspense, but when I do get it I will be sure to post one or two photographs. I simply can’t wait though!
My phone has been going off the hook as well. I’ve been bombarded with messages and phone calls. Honestly, I’m loving it. One of the most special birthday messages i’ve received thus far, would be from Marika (an SA friend who is  studying in Aus Land) who called all the way from Australia to wish me a Happy Birthday. Thank you Mik! I would also like to give special thanks to all of my family and friends (locally and abroad) who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday today. It really means a lot. I have taken a special note of all those who have sent their Birthday wishes.
This evening I will be going out with just my parents to celebrate my 21st. I’ve decided that i’d like some Crayfish (Lobster)… mmmmmm (my mouth is already starting to salivate)… can’t wait for that! I’m going to order the biggest one they have! LOL! My parents have also put a small advertisement in the Newspaper to wish me a Happy Birthday… how cool is that! I have such wonderful parents, I cannot explain to anyone how much they mean to me. I definitely cannot describe my love for them in words, since none would suffice. I thank the Lord everyday for protecting my family and friends. Honestly, I must be one of the most fortunate people alive.

Recently it was Hans’ Milieu’s First Anniversary. I completely forgot to mention it, but it was on the 1st June. So as I turn 21, Hans’ Milieu Turns 1. LOL! I will continue to update Hans’ Milieu as often as I can. Be sure to check back within the next week as there will be a new lengthy post with plenty of pictures from my 21st Masquerade Ball, which is this Saturday (10th June).
Unfortunately I have three exams this week… so I have to study. I haven’t started yet (procrastination is the route of all evil) but plan to do so tomorrow. LOL! Oh well!
Anyway Milieu pals, I must be going, still have several things to do before tonight. I’ll post again soon, so stay tuned!

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