What NOT to do while on the LOO!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I have my last exam today and then I am off for just under four months. I don’t know if I am feeling anxious for the exam or if it is because I will be on holiday soon… probably both! This post will be short as I have to recap my studies before this afternoon (I write at 2:30pm).
Well this morning a funny thing happened to me… let us just call it a ‘moment’ which, in my opinion, has provided some valuable life experience. I have therefore decided to share it with all of you, but in a rather unconventional way (and in a less squalid manner). I have created a poem about it entitled: What NOT to do while on the LOO!
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What NOT to do while on the LOO!
Some simple advice,
well not if you have lice,
 for anyone who needs to go to the loo,
 and do a number two.
When you take your seat,
to expend several treats,
by all means get comfortable,
 for you may take a while to become capable.
But one thing you should try never to do,
and believe me this is just so true,
is never begin the "hah, HAH" of "ATCHOO"
and let your nose get the better of you.
For this common little act will force a reaction,
that is so strong you’ll feel as if you’ve lost all traction.
So just remember to try and hold back your "atchoo"
until after you have been to the loo!
(© Hans Haupt 2006)
I hope you all enjoyed that somewhat humorous piece on ‘What NOT to do while on the LOO!’. Anyway Milieu Pals, I must be going… have to cram in the last bit of revision before my exam. I have plenty more to tell, and will be writing again shortly (almost on holiday… ) as we recently had visitors from Switzerland. So stay tuned!

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  • From Louisa, received via e-mail:
    My comment:
    An interesting work of poetry that’s for sure… Hope your exam goes well. Can’t believe you get 4 MONTHS of vacation. There’s no justice in the world I tell you. Well, if we hit the Lotto this weekend I might go for 6 myself. 😉

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