My 360 can Blog?!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I know it has been a while… but I have been so busy enjoying my holiday that I have simply neglected Hans’ Milieu… sad but true. Now that is about to change. I will update as frequently as possible… until I leave for Australia of course, not permanently mind you, but just for a lengthy five week holiday (yeah, can you say lucky?)
My Xbox 360 can Blog!!!
Since Tuesday the 7th of November I have basically been on holiday and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have been playing games, relaxing, exercising, watching movies and DVD’s and most importantly, enjoying life with friends and family.
Within the last week and a half I have been able to increase my Gamerscore by approximately 1200 points. I have also discovered some vey interesting websites regarding the Xbox 360 and Gamertags. One of the most interesting relates specifically to my Xbox 360 called is a site which allows your Xbox 360 to blog! Yes, you read that correctly, it actually allows your Xbox 360 to speak out and be heard (just like Hans’ Milieu allows me to have my say for those willing to listen)! LOL! My Xbox 360’s blog can be found here. What the site does, is it gathers information from your Xbox 360 whenever it is online. Microsoft does this anyway in order to update their gamer rankings/leaderboards/profiles for however, takes this information and creates legible text entries that actually make sense and can be quite humorous. My Xbox 360’s first post (just to reiterate, this is not written by me but rather my ‘Xbox 360’) is as follows:
Snah85’s Xbox – 11/15/2006
"Go ahead… call me a wussy… but I almost started crying when Snah85 turned me on yesterday. 5631 points of raw gamer score are making you jealous! That is an increase of 239 points over last time! He played Geometry Wars Evolved gaining 4 achievements, LEGO Star Wars II adding an amazing 7 achievements, Call Of Duty 3, Time Pilot picking up an amazing 6 achievements, Cloning Clyde acquiring 1 achievement, and after that powered me down without even saying good night. I mean what the heck?"
Australia, here we come (yet again)!
This year my parents decided that we would travel overseas during the December holidays. This is rather odd as we usually go to Durban and celebrate with any family that joins us during that time. This means that this will be the very first time that I spend Christmas and New Years in another country other than South Africa. I am incredibly excited about this and really hope that it turns out to be an experience that I will never forget.
The other reason for us going to Australia is because we want to begin setting up the infrastructure for our new life there. Yes, we are planning on immigrating. Actually, we have been planning this move for over six years but my parents kept pushing the notion aside due to my reluctance to leave my home country. However, this has all changed within the last year. Honestly I am dead set on immigrating to Australia, Melbourne in particular, and cannot wait to begin our new life. The reality of this prospect has finally begun to set in especially since we have already visited an immigration lawyer who has set the ‘immigration’ cogs in motion. This time, its for real!
Eventually most of our extended family will immigrate. Nicolas and Lynette will be leaving next year. Marco and Gayle are looking into immigrating and have already made applications. Jean-Pierre is actually the one who recommended us to the immigration lawyer we met with as he is looking to leave next year or in 2008. The people I have just mentioned are all cousins but several uncles and aunts have also showed interest in immigrating to Australia. I think that once we leave, the rest will follow. This is because no major family representative has left yet (uncle or aunt) and therefore many have not struck up the nerve to pack there bags and move. This is largely because our family is so close that we do not want to ‘lose’ anyone. Therefore, by ‘losing’ a major family representative the delicate family quilt may become unstable and readjustments will have to occur (well, something to that effect anyway! LOL!).
Well that is all for now Milieu Pals, but I will be writing again shortly, perhaps later today (since it is almost 1am now)… depending on whether any ‘newsworthy’ events occur! LOL!

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