Aus… here we come!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I can’t believe how quickly time flies. It has been 11 days since my last post, but it only feels like three or four. I think it must just be because I am on holiday and have thus lost track of time.
Honestly not much has really happened within the last two weeks. I have wanted to post about several topics but never really had the time… okay I had the time but I too busy shopping for gifts and going out .
The time has finally come for us to depart for our holiday in Australia. I am looking so forward to it.
For a time I was contemplating taking my laptop with but have decided against it because I am not sure if I will have access to an internet connection. The only reason for me to take it with would be to update Hans’ Milieu and read my e-mail (via Outlook), however that can be done through webpage interfaces. I will honestly try as hard as I can to update Hans’ Milieu while I am abroad, but please remember this will depend largely on the availability of the internet with the family and friends with whom we are staying.
Mr. Wic
Ah yes… my cousin Wichard. For those of you who can remember, Wichard was the cousin (actually my second cousin since his mom is my first cousin) of mine from my dads side that went to the UK, earlier in the year, for only 2 months of a supposed 12 . If you would like to refresh your memory check out this post and the start of this post.
Recently Wichard decided to make some changes in his life in order to help himself find direction. He has thus quit his menial job and begun to look for opportunities and interests that may further his education and general skills. I am glad to say that Wichard has finally embraced the prospect of ambition and I am sure he will succeed at whatever he chooses to do… whenever he eventually makes his choice.
Right, the main reason for this entry is to announce that Wichard now has a Video Blog available on At the moment he doesn’t really have anything substantial to say… but he can be really hilarious sometimes without even trying. He really is quite the character. Current topics range from crime to that of extreme dieting. All the video blogs are done on the fly without rehearsing or having a plan of action. It’s all impromptu!
So if you have the time, why not check out his first two Video Blogs here.
I’m not sure if he will be making any more while I am away, considering the fact that I was the camera man, special FX coordinator, special guest star and Editor for each of the videos so far . I hope to continue making his blog entries once I return… and perhaps even make some of my own !
Taz (aka my cousin Terrence from my moms side of the family) has been touring Africa (yes… Africa) for the past three odd months. Taz took a gap year this year to get his thoughts inline for his future ambitions and I must say, it was a brilliant choice. From what I can tell, the experiences he has been having have truly brought out the true Terrence we know and love. He has gained a sense of maturity that will aid him in his further development into a handsome, intelligent and vibrant young man. I can tell you he is having an absolute blast and is making friends wherever he goes. Below is a piece of the latest unedited transcript received from Terrence. Although his grammar and spelling are not the best, Terrence has an exceptional gift for story telling and has the potential to be a sought after author:

"…the local stress relief centre they call OHagans (pub)where the ol fat white zim farmers an their mates get smashed an talk bout the good old days..yet it is less cluttered on the roads – every one seems to behave even the trashed an dented

taxis..maybe cause the speed limit of 50ks on the main rd an the scavenging vultures they like to call the police are preventing them from acting like total hooligans.. an life is not as fast paced an crime doesnt seem to be such a big issue (i walked 5ks from the shops to Bens house (Ed’s Note: Terrence’s 2nd cousin) feeling free as a bird)..after a few days in Lusaka an talking a whole lot of @#$^ most of the time we decided to do something a little more contructive – we decided to look for my great grandfathers grave…"

No one really knows when Terrence will return and who could blame him. He is too free and without the contraints of a caged society. Africa is his life blood, a trait he shares with his father (Uncle Edward).
On a side note…
Well I was going to add some poetry, in order to make this Milieu post as comprehensive as possible… but I can’t find my poetry file. A little worried now because I don’t want to lose it all. They may not be brilliant, but they are still my creations… mwuah ha ha ha ha (that was an attempt at a maniacal laugh ).
The Xbox 360 turned One last week Wednesday. It has only been twelve months but the 360 has certainly grown from strength to strength. Honestly, it is currently my console of choice of the current ‘new’ generation of games consoles. The Wii have very little appeal to me at this stage and I’m just fed up with Sony for ‘screwing’ the consumer this time around. I have more to say on this subject but I will rant about it all in one of my next posts.
This weekend I attended a 21st Breakfast for my long time friend, Robyn Pilling (I have known her since the good old primary school days… about 15 years). It was rather unusual since it took place at 8:30am on Sunday morning. Trust me… it is really hard to get up that early when the average holiday sleeping time ranges from 3am to 11am. It was quite funny because Robyn herself is not a morning person and she was thus ragged about it before, during and after the speeches. The event was an all round success which was enjoyed by all.
Well Milieu Pals, that seems to be all for now. I will really try to update my blog while abroad, but please bare with me if I do not have access to the internet. Until the next post… adios!

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  • Hans, Please can you contact me regarding Grace Di Pastena. I heard a rumour that she was killed and could never find info. about the accident online. I live in the States and lost contact with her after high school. Please can you email me and possibly send me an adress for her parents and Rachel. I am so sad…we went to Benoni High together and drifted apart over some stupis stuff… I returned to S.A. for my wedding last year and heard rumours but could not find anything…I have been searching for info for months and finally found your blog. My name was Natasha Padiachee – the family may remember me as the Indian friend. Thank you for the blog. Grace was so good to me and her zest for life was amazing. God takes the extra special people early… Thank you. Natasha Smet.

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