Happy Birthday Mommy!


Today, Milieu Pals, is my mom’s birthday.
55 years ago today, on the little island of Mauritius in the quaint little village of Beau Basin, a little girl by the name of Marie Christiane Galliot was born. This is my mom (see picture above)!
As you all know, we are still holidaying in Australia. Today has been rather slow as my mom decided she’d like to rest a bit. Not because she is tired but simply so she can be at her best this evening when we visit Crown Casino (again… my mom loves this place) so she can party and gamble the night away  !
My dad bought my mom a pair of earrings and I a necklace with a pendant. But what my mom really wants is a Betty Boop (which my mom keeps referring to as Betty ‘Boob’) doll from the Warner Brothers store in Crowns. Honestly, I have no idea where we are going to put all of the stuff we have bought. I reckon we will have to ship some of it back home… where they will undoubtedly charge us customs duties, even if the package consists of clothes that were purchased in SA (that is our country).
Today is rather hot and I am sweating like a pig… I can definitely tell you that i am not looking forward to going to Brisbane where the average temperature is something in the region of 35 degrees Celsius (I am going to fry  ). I already know what my folks are getting me for Christmas, considering I chose it , but will only reveal it within my next extremely lengthy post (which is coming  !
That is about it for now Milieu Pals. I’ll probably begin with the post I mentioned above now, since I know it will take me ages to do (there is a lot to tell).
Check ya later!

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