Happy Birthday Daddy!


Today, Milieu Pals, is my Dads birthday.

My dad has officially reached Grand Old Toppie Status ("Toppie" refers to an elderly male individual). He has now entered his ‘Golden Years’ by turning the very prime age of 60.

I actually posted this post from my mobile phone, but it did not seem to have posted. So I am just editing it with the hope that it actually posts (yeah… too much use of the word post… LOL).

It was a really awesome day today. We went to, and spent the day with, the Puffing Billy Steam Locomotive in Dandenong. It is one of the very few left in the world that are still operational today. Puffing Billy basically takes you through the Dandenong Ranges, an area that is akin to a scene from Jurassic Park (I was loving it because I was picturing huge roaming beasts and pretending to be in Jurassic park… I love Dinosaurs!  ). Some of the views are amazing with ferns as big as cars and tree’s that are between 5-6 stories high.

After Puffing Billy we toured the surrounding area a bit going to Gembrook and Lakeside. Once that was done we made our way to Dandenong Plaza (another huge shopping centre) where I met a South African chick (what are the odds?). Needless to say… we exchanged contact details .

Once we had finished dining at La Porchetta we made our way to IMAX. I have yet to talk about IMAX 3D yet (a mind boggling experience), since that is within the very long post which is taking forever to write because I have limited use with the PC. Regardless, we ended up watching Mystic India (not in 3D but still a very interesting look at India) and Haunted Castle (the latter is worth skipping). 

Looks like my mobile publishing thing really isn’t working. No worries, I will just have to ‘fight’ for some time with the PC. LOL!

Anyway Milieu Pals I have got to go and get ready. Seems like we are going to immigration today to see what we can do about entering Aus Land permanently!

Asta La Vista (for the time being anyway, LOL!) 

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