SA here we come…

Hey Milieu Pals,
I know I promised that really long post about our Aussie Holiday but the fact is that I have not had access to a Windows based PC for the last week and have thus been unable to complete the post. I will continue to do so once I am home (ah… glorious home: family, friends and not having to live out of a bag) so keep checking back.
We return to SA in less than 24 hours and I must say that I am actually sad to leave. I don’t want to give up my freedom. Just having the ability to walk around outdoors without having to worry about my safety is such a blessing (this is just one of many advantages of living in Australia). We have been in Aus for just under five weeks and I already feel like this is my ‘true’ home. Once I arrive back in SA I’m putting in an immediate application for permanent residence. It is time my family and I left for a better life. I know it will be hard to adjust (extremely hard in terms of leaving family behind) but it is something that i feel must be done. I want my entire family to leave (not just my immediate family) and will thus be advising them on the routes to follow to reach Aus Land.
We’ll be returning home shortly so keep checking back for updates!
Adios Amigos!

One thought on “SA here we come…”

  • I don\’t really want to think about you leaving me! It\’s gonna suck!!!
    Well, we\’ll have to see about moving over. Sounds like an awesome place but I must see it first.
    I am very glad that you will be back soon… Missed you my cuz!

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