Home Sweet Home!

Hey Milieu Pals,
I can’t believe that I have already been home for a week. It feels like I have been consumed by some temporal vortex and thrust into the future with no recollection of the last weeks passing. Jet lag, it seems, will do that to you. Other than experiencing mild and somewhat unusual digestive tract issues, a loss in sense of the space time continuum and an inability to find solace within the comfort of my individually placed spring coiled bed, it is good to be home.
I have yet to continue working on the incredibly lengthy Aussie post (the one that has been sitting all by its lonesome in the drafts section for the past 2 weeks) but will do so as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
Until then Milieu Pals

One thought on “Home Sweet Home!”

  • I am glad you are back, but I still haven\’t spent as enough time as necessary with you!
    So, when is this fabled post going to be released from the confines of the draft section? Maybe if you took a break from Viva Pinata, you could write something up! Hehe. I still want that game!
    Maybe you should show some pictures of your Pinata you have?

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