Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day
Milieu Pals!

I cannot believe that it has been almost three weeks since my last post. So much as happened since then but I have not had the time to just sit down and write about it all. However I will do so as soon as I can (hopefully tomorrow) so stay tuned.
There is one thing that I will mention and that is that I have finally uploaded my own YouTube video. You should be able to view it below (just make sure you pause the audio from Milieu Radio to avoid any audio conflict before pressing play to watch the video). If you look to the right of Hans’ Milieu you will see a section labelled ‘My Sites’ which has links to various sites that I am registered to. This is to help make Hans’ Milieu even more media rich than it already is hence the link to my YouTube account.
Okay, about the video. The video below is the "Pilot" episode for the ‘HA-HA Chair’ impromptu interview series by Red Chair Films, a subsidiary of Illumini Studios (both ‘companies’ I decided to create for my directorial debuts and due to the nature of the material). The show ‘HA-HA Chair’ focuses on two individuals (or more) and the experiences brought on by the mystical red ‘HA-HA Chair’. As this comedy series expands, additional characters and story arcs will develop. Additionally I have other ideas that I would like to put into a film form and will be sure to let you all know when that happens. You should know that the ‘HA-HA Chair’ series was created as a spur of the moment idea (literally, hence why it is labelled as an ‘impromptu’ interview series), and is not a true representation of my directorial skills (which I hope are relatively decent, lol).
I have also upgraded to Windows Vista

which is one of the main reasons why I have not updated my blog in a while, still trying to work out all of the kinks (absolutely loving the operating system though). Anyway, until the next time Milieu Pals!


One thought on “Happy Valentines Day!”

  • Hey Hans
    OK so you finally posted! But I need more, this isn\’t enough! C\’mon, work with me here! I am catching up with you on this! Hehe.
    I think your directorial abilities are good in their fledgling state, so work with it! I think I have some ideas for short films like the one I had posted! We can discuss them in due course…
    How did you put the video in your blog though?
    Will try visit this weekend.

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