Officially 22 Years Old!

Hey Milieu Pals,
22 Today!
Today is my birthday (5th June 2007) and I have finally reached the age of 22. I actually think this is quite a cool number since it is the second identical digit age since birth, and the first after the age of 11. However, 22 is 11 years after 11. All the numbers surrounding this age are rather unique. They are all identical double digits 😉
I have honestly been spoilt rotten this year. I don’t mean for just my birthday, but this year in general. My parents are so good to me that words cannot describe my love and respect for each of them. My 21st year has been absolutely amazing, so much so that I cannot believe it is already over. I will write a review of my 21st year soon just because of how incredible it has been.
I know this post is a little short and lacklustre, but I need to get ready to go out for my birthday. My parents always make a big deal out of it and dedicate the entire day to me. So I have decided that we will go to Menlyn for the day, a massive shopping centre in Pretoria, where we will eat out, shop a bit and then watch Spiderman 3 on IMAX (a movie I have still not seen yet due to the absence of my social life during the development of my thesis proposal  ).
I have finally finished my thesis proposal and I am thus on holiday. I know that a huge Milieu update is due. No worries though, as I hope to have it up by this Friday.
Until the next post Milieu Pals!

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