The 'family' secret…

Hey Milieu pals,

Several months ago I mentioned a topic known as ‘the secret’. Now this is not to be confused with ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, which is currently circulating the airwaves and causing a media frenzy. No, this secret is a familial one. To add fuel to the fire, I even have paparazzi driven shots for your enjoyment

In what has to be one of the best kept secrets in our family history, which is by no means an easy feat, my cousin, Nathalie Galliot, got married to her long time partner of over 10 years, Wayne Harding. The couple eloped in mid-April for a well deserved ‘Holiday’ only to return with wedding bands in hand and sunkissed skin. The sneaky shot to the left was obtained through my well connected sources and sent waves of shock and enjoyment throughout all who witnessed it. Additionally, long awaited talks of a little bundle of joy brewing in the Harding’s new ‘oven-O-love’ have yet to cease!


After almost a decade my cousin Nathalie finally tied the knot. Shortly after revealing her ‘secret’ to the family at Uncle Marco’s (her father) 60th birthday bash, where I obtained the above photo, the new Mr and Mrs Harding threw a massive and completely unforgettable wedding party. If any one knows how to party, it would definitely be the new Mrs Harding! Congratulations my cuz!

(P.S: samples of the wedding photographs can be seen below)

– Hans

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