Tabloid Tuesday: It's Britney… Bitch!

Hey Milieu Pals,
Welcome to the first post of ‘Tabloid Tuesday’. Every Tuesday I will post an interesting morsel or two concerning the various celebrities who are currently making the rounds in the news. This will include local South African, international and ‘wannabe’ celebrities. Therefore, stay tuned because you will never know who will make it into the latest ‘Tabloid Tuesday Scoop’. Who knows, even you could feature  !
‘Tabloid Tuesday’
Issue: 1
"It’s Britney… BITCH"  ! This is the first sentence spoken on Britney Spears’ new single entitled ‘Gimme more’. After a two year sabbatical Britney Spears has formally returned and it is about damn time too  .
The queen of pop officially released her new single, Gimme More, last week to US radio stations. This was after numerous reports that several of Miss Spears’ new songs had been leaked onto the internet including a ballad entitled ‘Baby Boy’ (Perez-Hilton, World of Britney).
For those who are not aware, the current song airing on Milieu Radio is Britney Spears’ Gimme More. I must admit that this has to be one, of my many, favourite songs of 2007. The beat is perfect and the tune addictively melodious. With her breathy vocals and sultry voice, Britney Spears has shown the world that the former pop princess is back and ready to take hold of the thrown that is rightfully hers.
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*UPDATE* To add fuel to the fire Pop Music Kingdom is reporting that four additional Britney Spears tracks have been leaked. Of the four only one will feature on the new album which is set to hit the UK on 12th November and the US on 13th November in both a standard CD and special edition CD+DVD.
According to Pop Music Kingdom a "source from X17 has revealed exclusively to that these tracks (except Everybody) are being leaked from a Jive source. X17 informs BritneyExperts that these are from a 2005 demo and Jive is leaking the tracks for hype and promotion on her current untitled album. About 18 more demos are said to become available throughout the week".
Apart from the demo releases, sources are convinced that three, perhaps more, official tracks off of the unreleased new album have been leaked, namely: Gimme More, Cold As Fire and Everybody. To see a listing of all leaked tracks please click here.
I know that this first edition of Hans’ Milieu’s ‘Tabloid Tuesday’ is a little lacklustre but I hope future ‘scoops’ will be more informative . Until the next time Milieu Pals!
– Hans

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