MTV VMAs 2007: What happened?

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This should actually be a Tabloid Tuesday entry but I just could not wait to post this information until tomorrow
I am sure most of you have already heard the news or at least watched the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2007 which aired yesterday at 9pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) (2am in Southern Africa). MTV tried a new formula this year, one which worked reasonably well, however they still made a few errors.
For those who do not know, Britney Spears was chosen to open the 2007 VMA’s, with her new hit song Gimme More. This performance was supposed to be her come back but left many fans, including myself, disappointed.
No snakes. No elaborate costumes. No fancy footwork. And dare I say, No heart! To put it simply, it looked as if Miss Spears did not want to be there. She looked sad, somewhat distracted, and gave a very lacklustre performance. This is not what anyone had expected from the former pop princess, especially after hearing about the rumoured special effects and collaboration with famous magician Chris Angel. I am not sure what happened or why the plans changed but both MTV and Britney Spears have some explaining to do.
Currently many fan blogs and celebrity websites have come up in arms regarding Britney’s 2007 VMA performance. After all of the hype caused by the MTV media machine, Britney Spears left all fans uttering ‘Gimme More’. Britney’s poor performance could be attributed to not having performed live in 3-4 years, however I think there was more to it than what met the eye. I have watched her performance a few times now and she really seems unhappy. Almost as if she has given up., the largest source of Britney Spears information, has attributed Britney’s dreary performance to Sarah Silverman’s drivel of a monologue:
Britney threatened to ditch her VMA performance just minutes before she took the stage. Want to know why? Britney overheard Sarah Silverman rehearsing her monologue in which she calls Britney’s babies mistakes and takes jab after jab at Britney.

Britney made it very clear with MTV that Sarah was NOT allowed to talk about her kids, and MTV agreed. That big-mouthed bitch said it anyway.

Sam Lufti (MTV Exec) was overheard backstage screaming at Sarah Silverman because of her outrageous remarks saying: "Sarah Silverman is a seriously unprofessional person to make fun of infants to get a laugh. Making fun of kids is not condonable," and that "she should have picked on someone her own size."

Perhaps this why Britney looked upset during her performance.

While it is Silverman’s job to get a laugh, it should not be at the expense of little babies. Your career must be hurting if you have to turn to bashing infants in order to gain a laugh. You’ll get what’s yours.

(, 2007)
I do hope that Britney will be able to redeem herself within the near future. View the video of her grim performance below and let me know what you think.
One of the major criticisms for MTV VMA’s 2007 is, without a doubt, Sarah Silvermans ‘comedic’ monologue. In essence, it was absolutely terrible. She mocked Britney Spears’ "mistakes" (her children), made fun of Paris Hilton’s "whorishness" (sex life); scoffed at 50 Cent still being "alive" and cited diarrhoea as the best excuse to miss work. During her sketch the camera panned out to capture the reactions of various celebrities. What you end up seeing are expressions of utter shock, bewilderment and often disgust. No matter how hard she tried she could not get her celebrity audience to react properly. Granted she got a few cheers but the longer she went on the more she kept on digging her own grave. The best part of her performance was, undoubtedly, her exit. I do not think she could have left the stage any faster than she did.
Other than Timbaland’s reluctance at giving Justin Timberlake his award after unceremoniously accepting it himself, since he obviously thinks he put JT where he is today (Timbaland is a real schmuck IMO) and Jamie Foxx blatantly and shamelessly self promoting his new movie over giving an award (Jennifer Garner, his absolutely gorgeous co-host, was none too pleased), the rest of the show was executed rather smoothly.
Having the event in Las Vegas, with continuous parties throughout the Palms Hotel in which it was held, seemed to be the right move on MTV’s part. It would have been amazing to have been there and partied with the stars. Cheers to MTV for one very entertaining show!
– Hans

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