Tabloid Tuesday: Rich Pups, Apartheid and Karen Who?

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Time for another edition of Tabloid Tues…Okay, you got me, today is not Tuesday  it is Wednesday… but who is really noticing anyway?! . Right, well here is a belated Tabloid Tuesday Scoop!

‘Tabloid Tuesday’
Issue: 3

When Oprah departs, her dogs hit the jackpot!

This is just so typical of the rich and famous. According to, Oprah Whinfrey, the billionaire daytime talk show host, will be leaving $30 million to her beloved pooches once she bites the dust. That is just over R200 Million…

Australia Women’s Day magazine reports that "Oprah has a menagerie of animals and she wants them to be pampered for the rest of their lives if she were to die first. She has four dogs, plus various other pets, so she rewrote her will to include millions for their care". Let me tell you, for that amount of money I would gladly run around on all fours barking, sniffing my own crack and licking my genitalia !

"The chat show star currently has two Cocker Spaniels, Sophie and Soloman, and two Golden Retrievers. A third Golden Retriever, Gracie, tragically choked to death in May this year" ( 18/09/07). I have it, from unidentifiable sources, that Gracie’s death was no accident. Apparently the other dogs caught wind of Oprah’s change of will and knew that ‘Good Old Gracie’, Oprah’s fluffikins, would end up receiving the larger share. The rest, as they say, is history. After all $30 Million dollars can only be split so man ways!

Robben Island Movie

In a surprising new development, the National Film and Video Foundation is to donate R750 000 to a movie titled More than Just a Game. It has been reported that the movie would be produced by filmmaker Anant Singh.

According to Videovision Entertainment:

"Anant Singh is recognised as South Africa’s pre-eminent film producer, having produced fifty-eight films since 1984. He is responsible for many of the greatest anti-apartheid films made in South Africa, including “Place Of Weeping,” Sarafina! and Cry, the Beloved Country. Nelson Mandela called him “a producer I respect very much…a man of tremendous ability” when he granted him the film rights to his autobiography, Long Walk To Freedom"

(Videovision Entertainment 19/09/07)

The movie apparently has a budget that is believed to be in the region of R15m   and Presley Chweneyagae, from Oscar-winning Tsotsi fame, is set to play a lead role. Apparently the movie is "about five imprisoned political activists who formed the Makana Football Association in 1966" ( 19/09/07). Great! This is just what our country needs. Yet another movie about the ‘apartheid’ era. Seriously, we, as a country, need to get over it. Yes it was a dark time in our history, but how much longer do we need to be reminded of it? Even more so, how much longer must we, the new youth, be persecuted for the burdens of that time?

Karen who?

In recent local tabloid news Karen Kortjé, the former Idols 2005 winner, has aired a complaint against a concert held in Malmesbury (wherever the heck that is) where she claims her name was used to lure people to the concert. reports that according to Susan Pietersen, the festival coordinator of the Musiek oppi Lande Festival (Molfees), "a certain Karin did perform there, but she was Karin K, a singer from Wellington". Idols Karen said, in a report in the Cape Son on 7th of September 2007, that "her name had been used to lure people to a festival. She also said her fans had been very disappointed that she hadn’t performed"  .

I am not sure what Idols Karen has been smoking because I have no idea what she thinks, she means by ‘fans’. I know that summer is hot and all, and with her bulk it must be no easy feat staying fresh, but come on, get air conditioning. After Idols Karen won Idols, she dropped off the radar. So I was not surprised to hear Susan Pietersen defending her promotional materials when she said "there were no enquiries regarding her performance and none of the hundreds of her fans she refers to showed up at the festival. We would have received enquiries about Karin, but there were none" ( 19/09/07). Oh burn! Snaps for Susan  !

That is all for this Issue of Tabloid Tuesday Milieu Pals! Hope you enjoyed!

– Hans


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